ImageHewlett-Packard (HP), the No.1 PC vendor1 is taking Inter Action to new heights with Inter Action: Art in Motion by HP, a multi-sensorial six city party tour. Built on HP’s Personal promise and inspired by the personal design styles represented in HP’s innovative HP Imprint designs, Inter Action: Art in Motion by HP combines experimental sounds and digital art to present an amalgamation of electrifying sonic and visual stylistics.

Inter Action: Art in Motion by HP will hit Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Sydney from 29 November through to 8 December 2007. Headlined by a stellar selection of international audio and visual maestros such as Coldcut from the UK, Nu-Mark from the US and Pfadfinderei from Germany, the six-city party tour holds promise of an unrivalled immersive experience. The hottest music DJs of each city will also connect with party goers of each in-city party for a splash of local flavor.

Inter Action: Art in Motion by HP is primed to resonate with a hip and young audience and aims to intensify HP’s market leadership in this segment. A Facebook community “HP Inter Action”2 has been set up to give youths the opportunity to engage with one another across boundaries. The “HP Inter Action” community also acts as a common platform for party goers across cities to share their personal experiences from Inter Action: Art in Motion as well as from the first party, Inter Action: Live in Transmission.

“The art of technology is about making technology relevant to personal experiences. Inter Action: Art in Motion embodies the dynamic personal connection between youth and technology through the expressive medium of music and art,” said Chin Hon Cheng, vice president, Consumer Products and Mobile, Business Group Business Unit, Personal Systems Group, Asia Pacific & Japan, Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific. ”HP is the one company that understands that the computer is the emotional hard drive of the youth today and is continuously delivering cutting-edge experiences that are personal and dynamic.”

Inter Action: Art in Motion is the second leg of Inter Action. In its first leg, Inter Action: Live in Transmission showcased five of Asia’s hottest DJ’s from Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul in a simultaneous live transmission party spanning all five cities.

Event Details
Inter Action: Art in Motion by HP will hit:
• 29 November 2007, Thursday
- Seoul
• 1 December 2007, Saturday
- Taipei
• 4 December 2007, Tuesday
- Bangkok
•  6 December 2007, Thursday
- Sydney
• 7 December 2007, Friday
- Hong Kong
• 8 December 2007, Saturday
- Shanghai

The event is by invitation only. 18 – 25 year olds can receive an invitation by visiting the event microsite and registering from 5 November 2007.
Please note that this is a strictly 18 and above event and identification will be required upon entry to the in-city parties.

HP Imprint Designs
HP’s award winning design team draws inspiration from consumers’ lives and conducts extensive research across three continents on a number of trend sources, ranging from fashion to modern furniture in an effort to understand personal design preferences. The design elements all combine as an eye-catching design under a smooth, high-gloss coating. HP’s latest Imprint designs are the ‘Verve’, ‘Influx’ and ‘Dragon’.

• The ‘Verve’ HP Imprint emulates the fluidity of life through the interpretation of organic elements sprouting and flowing across the surface of the notebook PC.
• The ‘Influx’ HP Imprint conjures images of sand blown by the wind and is interpreted as elements weaving and dashing across the ceramic white surface of the notebook PC, seeking order.
• The ‘Dragon’ HP Imprint is designed with organic, free-form lines to create a modern, stylized dragon. This fresh interpretation of a traditional icon customarily associated with power, strength and vitality is as progressive as the notebook it is applied to.

(information provided by the pr company)


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