Low Quality Birds Date Low Quality Blokes

A new study examining the pecking order between female finches and the mates they chose has revealed that ‘low-quality females prefer low-quality males’, the BBC reported this week.

French scientists from the Centre of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology reached their conclusions after ranking finches according to their size and singing abilities and discovered that well matched pairs started having sex sooner.

"The main reason, we think, could be that the two individuals just accept each other faster - they just go for it,” said study chief Marie-Jeanne Holveck

"The really amazing thing is that the females are able to recognise what 'category' they are in,” she added. (BBC/ Proceedings B magazine)

Details of the study emerged just as presumably intellectually challenged Swede Joel Stefansson, 27, was widely reported to be regretting having got drunk with a tattooist and giving him carte blanche to draw whatever he liked as he slept.

"I thought I'd have something discreet and dignified but I got a six inch penis on my leg right next to my own one," said Joel.

"It's a bit larger than mine so the truth is going to be a bit of a let down to any women who get to see it," he added (Ananova).

His predicament could prove even more embarrassing if he visits the States where a recent state by state survey by dating portal Manhunt appeared to indicate that size really does matter.

“Washington D.C came in at the largest with an average of 7.59 inches,” said Manhunt.

“You may want to stay away from Alaska if size is your thing, because it ranks last with an average size of only 6.34!” the website advised, “That doesn't sound too bad,” they added, “but keep in mind that at least a half-inch can be chalked up to internet exaggeration.”

Joel is not believed to be the same Joel Stefansson who collaborates with Swedish techno producer Cari Lekebusch under the pseudonym Jola Bola.

http://tinyurl.com/ykybnea (Manhunt’s size survey in full detail)

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