M1NT,  the world’s first shareholders’ club started in 2004 in London by Australian entrepreneur Alistair Paton and frequented by celebrities, billionaires and socialites, opened its sister club in Hong Kong to a fanfare of publicity in November 2006.

M1NT Hong Kong has since proven to be an overwhelming financial success for its 250 well-healed shareholders and rapidly become the place to ‘see and be seen’. With live sharks prowling the VIP rooms, international art adorning its entrance, fingerprint detection entry, chauffer limousines and catamarans as toys for members, M1NT Hong Kong has become the thing of legend in social circles, highlighted by the fact that the club sells more Krug than any one else in all of Asia. 

This week sees a rare event for shareholders of any new business, let alone one in its first year of operation and one with such a huge social and lifestyle kick. M1NT Hong Kong is distributing over HK$6,000,000 in dividends to its 250 hand-picked shareholders as a result of better than expected financial results with gross revenue 26% ahead of projections and net profits 24% ahead of projections. In addition shareholders have seen their shares increase in value by 100% in 12 months. The club continues to benefit from an unusually lengthy lease at its Hollywood Road premises from Henderson Land and unquestionably M1NT Hong Kong is set to become an iconic members club of historical significance in the traditional ‘antiques district’ of Hong Kong.

Alistair Paton, Founder and Group CEO said, “the success of our unique business model is again proven by these results. With hundreds of powerfully important people with a vested interest in M1NT’s success, marketing costs are reduced and revenues increased. There is no debt to service and cash flow is strong. Combined with our passionate management team, M1NT is a first class product that professional investors find irresistible”.

M1NT Hong Kong’s Managing Director Andrew Lewis will host the club’s star-studded list of shareholder’s that includes celebrities and business tycoons all in attendance tonight to celebrate the success of their private club from 8pm at the club’s first year anniversary party. “What a stellar year we have pulled off with terrific results for our shareholder’s and I’m proud of all the team’s efforts and I look forward to celebrating these achievements tonight with a few glasses of Krug. ” said Andrew Lewis. 

Following the overwhelming success of M1NT Hong Kong, the company also released plans for its biggest ever project – M1NT Shanghai.

After 14 months of lengthy negotiations, M1NT Global Holdings has secured “the best property in Shanghai” said Alistair Paton, “to undertake our biggest project to date and spend US$15M to develop the best modern-day members club in the world’s largest and fastest growing city”.

M1NT Shanghai, located in the city’s most famous and fashionable district on the top floor of Number 8 on the Bund, has spectacular panoramic views. These plans have been a closely guarded secret with details known only by an inner sanctum of 4 individuals within M1NT Global Holdings until now. With key partners in Shanghai, M1NT  has achieved its objective of securing a site that is large enough to cater to 800 guests for dinning, dancing and cocktails at any one time whilst also having the ability to showcase Shanghai’s spectacular skyline by day or night.

M1NT Shanghai will encompass 15,000 square feet of the 7th floor of ‘M1NT Mansion’ with the remaining floors to be re-developed into a landmark luxury high-end themed property for  shareholders and members to enjoy.

Rumours of Gordon Ramsay’s former Head Chef, Ian Pengelley joining forces with M1NT to deliver his international award winning Pan Asian cuisine in the clubs exclusive dining room, can now be officially confirmed.

Ian Pengelley will be attending M1NT Hong Kong’s First Year Anniversary tonight to reveal some of his controversial concepts for M1NT Shanghai.  Commenting on his new role after arriving in Hong Kong earlier today, Pengelley said, “After living in Asia for 5 years in my 20s, I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into this project. I have worked with the best in the world and have been offered a fair share of opportunities and the reasons I have decided to team up with my old pal Alistair Paton are endless.”

Once again the designs of M1NT will stretch the imagination with Hong Kong’s Alan Chan tasked with the concept design which is to include a glass ceiling with live manta rays keeping a watchful eye on diners.

Private rooms will be visible only through an oxygen curtain which is located behind a 14-metre hammerhead shark tank that stretches the entrance of the club’s roof top. 

Only 10% of this prized project will be available to all existing M1NT members and shareholders, to own part of what will be the most exclusive property in the world’s fastest growing city.

M1NT Background

M1NT in each city is owned by the club’s patrons; 250 individual shareholders own a portion of the club’s business and receive a percentage of the company’s profits whilst enjoying life-long membership without annual membership fees.

In addition to the 250 shareholders, 1,000 traditional membership applications are accepted.  Traditional members pay an annual fee and do not receive a percentage of the club’s profits. The 1,000 members form a waiting list for shares which are bid for, once they become available. 

M1NT was launched in London in 2005 followed by Hong Kong in November 2006.  M1NT Shanghai will open in 2007 followed by M1NT Beijing and M1NT Dubai in 2008 plans with plans to expand to a further 5 cities and having 10 clubs by 2010.

M1NT Festival House launched at the 60th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival in May, hosting major parties for films in competition as well as playing host to a full schedule of film industry gatherings, private dinners and corporate events for Ivana Trump and Kurt Russel among other notable identities.

(information provided by the pr company)


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