"For nearly 40 years Marshall Amplification has been at the forefront in the volatile world of rock 'n' roll amplification. Becoming a musician’s icon requires deep dedication, a true understanding of musician's needs and a genuine love of guitar musicality – Marshall has done it all by sticking to their purist design and deep rooted musician’s philosophy".

So what happens when the world’s most famous amplification brand tries its hand at headphones? Un-surprisingly the result is in line with what you would expect from any Marshall product, offering clean, crisp and quality sound.

The design of the ‘Major’ headphone showcases hallmark Marshall features, such as a textured vinyl exterior made from the same material used in Marshall Amplifiers. The gold “guitar lead” 3.5mm jack, and 6.3mm adaptor, give the Majors a unique sense of ‘old school’ authenticity sure to please musical purists.

The “super-soft” ear cushioning means that wearing the headphones is extremely comfortable, even over extended periods of time. Although not offering a noise cancellation feature, the cushioning does a great job eliminating unwanted noise, making sure that you hear the best that your music has to offer. The Majors also offer a collapsible design for easy storage when you aren’t listening.

No Marshall product would be complete without the iconic white on black Marshall logo that is proudly displayed on each earpiece. To top it all off the headphones feature the signature of Dr. Jim Marshall OBE himself on the inner headband.

While I was reviewing these headphones I thought it was only fair to try out as many musical genres as possible. The Marshall Major’s were up to the test, complimenting every style in different ways, so whether it’s Metallica or MSTRKFT, Taylor Swift or Tom Jones, the Marshall Major’s are most definitely for you.

Marshall Major’s are available at the following outlets with a RRP HK$899:

HMV, New Vision, CD Warehouse, Designer Group, E-tone, Mingo-HMW, Music Café, P-solution. You can also buy them online by clicking HERE.

(Review by John Stephen)

The Competition !

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Simply purchase or renew you SilverBlack card membership during December for a chance to win. We have four pairs of Marshall Majors and four pairs of Marshall Minors to give away, so don’t delay, sign up or renew you SilverBlack card HERE.

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