Fat cat bankers are continuing to splurge their ill-gotten bonuses on luxury cars, private jets and status symbol watches, Reuters reported this week, which luxury Institute CEO Milton Pedraza suggested was because they ‘still want their toys’.

The report said that while some are presently ‘wary of flaunting their spending plans because of lingering public resentment’, many are still snapping up sports cars and luxury apartments, driven by the need to show off to rapacious rival financiers.
"Even if they are worried about bonuses, their egos are involved here," a Ferrari salesman told the press agency.

The article appeared just as acclaimed Independent columnist Johann Hari called for increased scrutiny of Wall Street and City of London executives.

“The protest movement needs to expand now from the people who dodged our taxes to the people who stole our taxes: the banks & their bonuses,” he Tweeted.

In more lifestyles of the rich news, London Evening Standard columnist Sasha Slater published a curiously random article about Oxford University’s uber-elite party organization Piers Gaveston, describing a typically drug fuelled rave they hosted last summer.

Pointing out that little of the ancient Society’s adventures have been covered in the press in recent times, she rectified the omission with a hearsay account of this year’s bash at which hundreds of blindfolded toffs were driven to a party comprising three tents, ‘one with trance music, one playing rock, and one with a sign saying, simply, “Drugs”.

“There was everything there: heroin, crack, acid, with everyone just queuing up to have more,” recalls the guest. The night descended into a huge, ugly orgy,” Slater added.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piers_Gaveston_Society (Piers Gaveston Society: ‘words most often associated with this society are "decadence" and "debauchery’ . . .’)

http://action.seiu.org/page/speakout/wheresthenote  ('Demand to see your mortgage note')

Article by Jonty Skrufff: http://listn.to/JontySkrufff


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