Real Man’s Magazine For Men’s Men Only

Real Man Magazine launched on online version of their ‘man’s man’ 
periodical this week with a warning that ‘girlie men or the easily offended’ should stay away.

“If you’re not a real man, what you read within our magazine will be so foreign to you, and so outrageous, that you’re liable to fall out of your chair, curl up in the fetal position and start sucking your thumb. Consider yourself warned,” Real Man publisher Franklin Pierce boasted, “I set out to create a magazine for real men, by real men.”

Regular really manly features include ‘The Girlie Men of the Media’ (‘From Man-Crushes to Moisterizing, Women have Nothing on These Wimpy Girlie Guys’) and  an agony uncle offering advice on typical real men problems such as threesome etiquette.

“My boyfriend keeps talking to me about a threesome. I’m not sure what I should do. Please help,” one (presumably female) reader, ‘Sherry from Nashville’, begs.

“Dear Sherry: You know the idea excites you, but you’re afraid your boyfriend will become attracted to the other woman,” Real Man replies.

“The truth is that your boyfriend will actually become more attracted to you. After all, think about it. He has a woman who makes all of his fantasies come true. It’s hard to top that. So stop talking about it and do it already. And tell your boyfriend he owes me a box of cigars,” he adds. (‘Not for girlie men or the easily offended. 
May cause hair growth, increased testosterone and erections lasting longer than four hours. Read at your own risk . . .’)

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