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Yes! We love House is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary as we embark on an entirely fresh new year in 2006. It has been a real pleasure being able to spend the many wonderful nights of We love House with your greatest support and love, and guess what? We want to reward you wonderful people with the 3 essential elements symbolic of We love House’s signature nights-Eye candy with all the beautiful people, a drink or two (while they last of course) and yes great house music provided by djB and four special local guests that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Invites are strictly limited, write in to to get yours!

zouk/ phuture admission on 20 January for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm,         $20/$25 after

Information provided by Zouk

Germany’s electro funk soul brothers, Ali and Basti Schwarz’s infectious enthusiasm have left an imperiously sized impression upon ‘05 and is set to continue their global presence in ’06. Their remixes are the stuff of legend: Kelis, The Rapture, DJ Hell and, perhaps most notably, Spektrum (their awesome rewiring of Kinda New) have all benefited from their magical sparkle dust. Their ecstatic DJ sets have helped preach their driving sermon across the globe, and their ability to move dancefloors of any hue has led to a residency at the infamous We Love Sundays at Space Ibiza last summer.

zouk/ phuture admission on 21 January for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm,         $23/$28 after

Information provided by Zouk

Lush 99.5, your ultimate audio accessory is turning one. Come celebrate their first anniversary party at Velvet Underground 9pm till late. Expect delicious & tantalizing tunes and the coolest company of Lush 99.5 in your natural habitat. For the bold and the beautiful... Lush 99.5.
Velvet underground admission on 21 January for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $25/$35

Information provided by Zouk

At the forefront of a fresh UK house sound, Mark Knight has catapulted to the top of dance charts and his profession, making him a firm favourite with Sanchez, Deep Dish, Lawler, to name but a few. His 2 labels Toolroom Records and Toolroom Trax, have gained instant recognition by the worlds major players, both on the radio and in the clubs. With a soaring profile, remixes for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Sandy Rivera, as well as an international dj schedule to rival any of the biggest DJs, Marks returns on his 2nd visit to helm the Zouk decks.

zouk/ phuture admission on 27 January for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm,         $23/$28 after

Information provided by Zouk

Proclaimed “the most exciting American export since Deep Dish” by 7 Magazine, Washington DC's Palash has been pushing his sound to all corners of the globe, wielding through an ever-evolving modern blend of dark drums, progressive, pitched down techno, punctuated with evocative coals and melodic trancers. But aside from his productions and remixes that have caused quite a stir among topdogs like Danny Tenaglia, John Digweed, Sasha and Deep Dish, it is live and in a club where Palash shines, so don’t miss this as he takes on the Zouk decks once again!

zouk/ phuture admission on 29 January for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm,         $23/$28 after

Information provided by Zouk

Voted No #1 in the popular DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ poll, ousting Tiesto from the top spot; voted “Best International DJ” at the London Music Awards; voted “America’s Favourite DJ” by BPM Magazine, winner of 3 Dancestar Awards; elected “Man of the Year” by Mixmag, named “Leader of the Trance Nation” by Muzik; and voted tops in I-S Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards for “Which foreign DJ should be made a Singapore resident” category, Paul Van Dyk is without a doubt, the world’s biggest, and Singapore’s most loved trance DJ.

zouk/ phuture admission on 30 January for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $25/$30 members cannot sign in guests.

Information provided by Zouk

After starting the legendary ‘”Africanism” label alongside Bob Sinclar back in 2000, which led to a slew of successful releases, DJ Gregory went on to launch his own “Faya Combo” imprint, and kicked it off in style with the summer anthem “Tropical Soundclash”. The following year, he released yet another chart topping summer smash “Elle”. Remixes for the likes of Masters At Work, Martin Solveig, and Despina Vendi’s massive “Gia”, have all helped to seal his position as a producer. Awarded "Most Innovative Producer" at the House Music Awards, be sure to catch this Frenchman for a splendid night of house.

zouk/ phuture admission on 6 January for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm,         $23/$28 after

(information provided by Zouk)

A star DJ with an enviable, international reputation, Dave Seaman was the defining first editor of Mixmag and a resident DJ at Shelley’s, the legendary acid house club that launched the career of Sasha. Since then, he has headlined clubs on every continent, and compiled 3 Global Underground and 9 Renaissance mixed cds. As Brothers In Rhythm, he has produced for Kylie Minogue & the Pet Shop Boys, remixed U2, Michael Jackson and Dido. Despite this glittering career, he’s still one of the UK’s most travelled, most creative, and most celebrated DJs today, and his contagious enthusiasm remains unabated.

zouk/ phuture admission on 7 January for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm,         $23/$28 after

(information provided by Zouk)

Eve of Hari Raya Haji Monday 9 Jan 2006 at Zouk
Roger Sanchez - The S-Man, chart topping producer and globally revered superstar DJ; The keystone of the Release Yourself concept, recognized and respected the world over for his compilation cds, club nights and a radio show across Europe and US that reaches out to 1.2 million listeners each week; The proud owner of Stealth Records, and champion of hidden talent wherever he encounters it, and one of the most level headed players in the international dance scene; And, judging by his track record, the dynamo that has propelled the disco scene into the 21st century and beyond.

zouk/ phuture admission on 9 January for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm,         $23/$28 after

(information provided by Zouk)

French DJ/Producer and poster-boy, Bob Sinclair is no doubt one of the shining stars in the French house scene. Founder of Yellow Productions, home to the Africanism project, Bob’s career dates back to the 90s, where he struck gold with his debut album that included the chart hit “Gym Tonic”. Since then, he went on to produce a string of dancefloor hits, including the current favs “World of Love” and “Love Generation”. His eye for talent has also seen him sign and produce the Brazilian sensation Salomé de Bahia, churning out hits like “Outro Lugar” and the most recent “Taj Mahal”.

Flava with Andrew Chow
Friday 13 Jan 2006 at Phuture

Write up as above.

zouk/ phuture admission on 13 January for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm,         $23/$28 after

(information provided by Zouk)

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