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Friday 9 December 2005 at Zouk

As a warm up to ZoukOut, the biggest dance event of the year, two of Zouk’s residents, DJ B and Sonny will get you in the mood to party, playing some of the massive tunes that are bound to rock the festival.
Free entry to Zouk upon presentation of your purchased ZoukOut tickets.

zouk/ phuture admission on 9 December for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm, 20/$25 after


Information provided by Zouk

Friday 16 Dec 2005 at Zouk, showtime 10pm 
The annual StreetStyle Awards is back!
Sponsored by Motorola Singapore, the 2005 StreetStyle Awards event promises to inspire with a showcase of works by talented, young Singaporeans, whose creative innovations reflect the power of the new generations. For 2005, the StreetStyle Awards consists of four (4) awards categories: Visual Arts, Sports, Fashion and Music. Nominees are Singaporean youths who have dared to make a difference and have excelled in their chosen field.
For more info, log on to and vote for your favourite nominees online. Streetizens of Singapore, dont miss the best local event this year!

zouk/ phuture admission on 16 December for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm,         $20/$25 after

Information provided by Zouk

Local government authorities have retaken control of management of a stretch of China’s Great Wall and banned parties on the historical landmark, after a series of raves attracted fiercely negative media coverage.

According to reports in August, revellers littered and even urinated against the wall, prompting influential newspaper the China Daily to issue an alert warning of  ‘the psychological harm such desecration of what is the greatest symbol of Chinese culture and history could do to the Chinese people’.

“It takes a wild imagination to link the Great Wall, a revered and sacred national symbol of China, with an orgy that involves drugs and alcohol,” the paper added, “But when money grabbing is king and the pursuit of individual ‘highs’ the norm for some people, you don't need this kind of wild imagination.”

Local jock DJ Dio, who organised this year’s controversial party on the Jinshanling section of the wall told Beijing Today he remained optimistic that more parties could still happen.

"I think we should continue the tradition of having rave parties. If the authorities won't allow us to do so, of course we won't hold them there,” he said.

But the last party we held was officially approved and we had all the paperwork done,” he added.

Article by Jonty Skrufff (
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One with Aldrin United Nations of House CD Launch
Saturday 19 Nov 2005 at Zouk
One of Singapore’s most successful dj export to date, Aldrin continues to build up his ONE night, with his genre-bending sets being experienced by an ever-growing local following. This night celebrates the launch of the “United Nations Of House” double CD compilation on UK’s CR2 Records, which includes Aldrin and Akien’s aptly titled track “ONE”. Along with “Dig This”, their next single on UK’s Distraekt Records, Aldrin has also been busy rocking dancefloors in Italy, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, and KL.

Voted “Best Local Club DJ” in the recent I-S Magazine Reader's Choice Awards, Aldrin’s certainly keeping firmly positioned in both the local and global dance arena.

zouk/ phuture admission on 19 November for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm,         $20/$25 after

Information provided by Zouk Club

Friday 25 Nov 2005 at Phuture  
Each year RESFEST kicks off in a memorable way, celebrating their guest filmmakers with debut performances with todays’ hottest DJs handpicked from around the world. In conjunction with Flava, Phuture’s regular Friday night, special guest Rich Medina will mix it up amidst staggering visuals that come to life.
An accomplished producer, DJ, poet, and personality on the underground music scene, Rich Medina connects the dots between hip hop, jazz, spoken word, afro-beat and bass heavy future soul. You can find Rich at his weekly and monthly residencies in New York and Philadelphia, packed with avid supporters, bboys and bgirls, laying down spoken word over urban beats. Connecting the Dots – his long-anticipated debut CD, just released in October, brings musical worlds together, featuring both up and coming and established artists like Martin Luther, Jneiro Jarel and DJ Kermit.

zouk/ phuture admission on 25 November for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm,         $23/$28 after

Information provided by Zouk Club

PAYM Asian Xcursion Party  
Friday 4 Nov 2005 at Zouk, showtime 10.30pm
Feel the adrenaline at the PAYM Asian Xcursion Party! Get your shades ready as the stage hots up with the Newpaper Newface finalists as they showcase Oakley's, Flesh Imp's, Fox's and Lost's latest apparels in the ‘Beach Meets Street’ fashion show! Catch street tricks on stage by Japanese pro riders and breakdancers as they wow the crowd with gravity defying stunts.
zouk/ phuture admission on 4 November for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm,         $23/$28 after

(information provided by Zouk)

Seb Fontaine (UK)
Friday 4 Nov 2005 at Zouk
Always exploring new territories, crossing unchartered waters, Seb’s sound is ever changing, touching progressive, breaks, hard, funky twisted house, and now even electro. This is a man who knows his music, appreciates his job, but best of all, understands his audience. With several mix cd compilations under his belt, including the Global Underground prototype series, plus his ongoing monthly night Type at The Cross in London and hectic global dates, he continues to stamp his mark around the world.

zouk/ phuture admission on 4 November for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm,         $23/$28 after

(information provided by Zouk)

Ken Ishii (Japan)
Saturday 5 Nov 2005 at Zouk
One of Asia’s most outstanding international DJ, Ken Ishii’s early years saw releases on cult label R&S. Ken’s sound then broke out of the confines of a specialist audience and took the world by storm, receiving support from world class artists such as Dave Clarke, Luke Slater, Thomas Schumacher and many more. He has since been touring intensively throughout Europe, Asia and America, and was awarded “Best techno DJ” at the Ibiza DJ Awards last year, outvoting the likes of Carl Cox and Sven Vath!

zouk/ phuture admission on 5 November for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm,         $23/$28 after

(information provided by Zouk)

:Phunk Studio Celebrates a Decade of Decadence at Zouk
Friday 11 Nov 2005 at Zouk 
:Phunk Studio celebrates their 10th year anniversary with a retrospective party in the Zouk main room! From customizing their own T-Shirts to decking out in the freshest sneakers, the :phunk boys were right there at the beginning of a local design culture infused by music, fashion and people.
Since then, they have achieved international recognition and have placed Singapore firmly on the global design map. This party aims to take a step back in time, with a focus on the music that has influenced them in their early years - their decadent partying days in the good old MTV bar and nascent Phuture nights. Think Depeche Mode meets Suede meets Beastie Boys!

It is the Decade of Decadence.

zouk/ phuture admission on 11 November for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm,         $20/$25 after


(information provided by Zouk)

RedBull Music Academy Party
Friday 11 Nov 2005 at Phuture, from 9pm 
Every year, musicians all over the world share one dream - to be a student at the Red Bull Music Academy. Held in a different city every year, the academy brings together DJs and Music Producers from diverse genres to share their ideas on music and life in the music industry. It's also a place where aspiring musicians can hone their skills, network and share their ideas with participants from over 70 different countries. Some of its past tutors include Cut Chemist, Adam Freeland, Jeff Mills and Gilles Peterson.

This year's outing in Seattle will see our very own DJ Debbie Chia heading up for some solid action. And to send her off, the Singapore RBMA team will host its very own Red Bull Music Academy Party, with a lineup of specially selected DJs to entertain you for the night. So head on down and enjoy some of music’s finest at Phuture. For more information, log on to

zouk/ phuture admission on 11 Nov for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm, $20/$25 after


(information provided by Zouk)

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