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Ice T Live in Concert feat. DJ Afrika Islam (US)
Saturday 16 July 2005 at Zouk
“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star Ice T was raised in the gang-infested, pimp-heavy streets of South Central, Los Angeles. Ice-T’s first on-screen appearance came in ‘84 in the groundbreaking movie “Breakin’” where he performed the seminal hit “Reckless”. By ’90, Ice-T was nominated for a Grammy Award for his hit single "New Jack Hustler." Since then, Ice-T’s film and television career has taken off, his controversial personality securing roles in “New Jack City” and “Ricochet”, plus his current flourishing television career in “Law & Order”. Joining him on the decks is Afrika Islam. Known to many as the son of Bambaataa, Afrika – a two time Grammy and Oscar winner, member of the Mr X & Mr Y team with Westbam, who has helped organize the Berlin Love Parade, Afrika is also the man who helped co-produced some of Ice-T’s earliest albums.

zouk/ phuture admission on 16 July for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, $ 23/$28 after
Sessions with Trance Republic
Saturday 16 July 2005 at Phuture
10pm: Tony Tay  11pm: Nicholas 12am: Aldrin T 1am: Brandon 2am: Felix 3am: Chris

zouk/ phuture admission on 16 July for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, $ 23/$28 after


(information provided by the club)

In da Mix, followed by Bounce with Andrew Chow
Wednesday 20 July 2005 at Phuture 
An event that brings it back to the raw. The basic governor of the groove - The DJ. In a real club or block party, it was always about the DJ building a groove; combining his skill at mixing with the deft cuts and nasty scratches when the mood called for it. Amateur DJ’s who couldn’t mix two records together would stand around and stare in bewilderment at the maestro as he brought the crowd to their feet with just his skill in the mix. At In Da Mix, 3 contestants will put the needle to the groove in individual half hour sets, to see who can take the crowd from head nodding to bumpin n grindin, in the true spirit of the block party.

admission on 20 July for non-members (incl 2 drinks): zouk: $20  phuture : $23
velvet underground: $25
ladies enter free to all outlets.


(information provided by the club)

Dimitri From Paris
Friday 22 July 2005 at Zouk
The man who made French house chic and fashionable, Dimitri from Paris is back again to grace the Zouk decks. Envied by many as the DJ who has been rubbing shoulders with Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy, Dimitri has since compiled and mixed 2 cds for Playboy, and has rocked the mythical Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, with attendees ranging from L.A. club-hoppers to celebrities such as Spike Jones and Sofia Coppola. So get set to party with panache as Dimitri drops his wonderfully eclectic mix of funk, with a dash of Brazilian jazz and a generous helping of classic disco.

zouk/ phuture admission on 22 July for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, $ 23/$28 after

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Juice DJ Quest, followed by Sonny, Weili and Feng, winners of Juice DJ Quest 2003 & 2004 respectively  
Friday 29 July 2005 at Zouk
Since its inception, the JUICE DJ Quest has become one of the most anticipated clubbing events on the Singapore calendar, attracting a thronging congregation of industry leaders and Gen-X alpha consumers, all gathered to see the next generation of Singaporean superstar DJs. Now back for its fourth installment, the JUICE DJ Quest is once again set to blow the lid off on Singapore’s new crop of undiscovered deck masters. Log on to for more information.

Weili was crowned the JUICE DJ Quest Champion in July 2003 with Feng capturing the same title in 2004 as well as placing runner-up in the Heineken Found @ Thirst 2003 & 2005.
Individually, Weili and Feng have achieved a string of accolades such as playing alongside Jay J (USA), Max Graham (USA), Brewster B (Australia), Soul of Man (UK), Dub Pistols and 2003 Singapore's DMC Champion DJ Koflow. But together, this pair of champions constantly challenge the boundaries of DJing. Fusing just about everything at hand, their sets literally shred the dance floor to pieces. Cursing breaks with rock, blessing house with funk and praising soul with breakbeats, nothing's sacred for these deviants.
zouk/ phuture admission on 29 July for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm, $ 20/$25 after

(information provided by the club)

Saturday 30 July 2005 at Zouk
One of America's most highly sought after DJ/producers, DJ Dan continually breaks new musical ground. Beginning as Los Angeles' top techno DJ in the early 90's, he went on to inspire the breakbeat trend a few short years later with the classic anthem "Loose Caboose." Soon after, Dan reinvented the sound with "Needle Damage" - a fusion of all that is hard and funky. His involvement with San Francisco¹s Funky Tekno Tribe was a significant milestone on the establishment of what is known today as the signature West Coast house sound. Sitting firmly at #3 in the American Top 100 DJ poll in BPM Magazine, and #24 in DJ Magazine Top 100 poll, Dan has since remixed the likes of New Order, Green Day and Yoko Ono, and is currently playing a hybrid of funky house and techno. 

zouk/ phuture admission on 30 July for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, $ 23/$28 after

(information provided by the club)


Friday 1 July  2005 at Zouk
This We Luv House special, we present the multitalented Barbara Tucker. The world-renowned, leading diva of dance music has toured with and recorded background vocals for the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Deee-lite, Wyclef Jean, and George Clinton; choreographed and danced with Shannon, and C&C Music Factory; created the B-Crew project that features herself, Mone, Dajae and Ultra Nate for which she wrote the hit song "Party Feelin"; enjoyed chart success with top producers including Louie Vega, Danny Tenaglia, Eric Morillo and DJ Pierre. Now currently enjoying success yet again for her vocal talent on the massive Billboard No. #1 hit “Most Precious Love”, be sure to join Barbara and djB as they bring to you house music at it’s best.

zouk/ phuture admission on 1 July for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, $ 23/$28 after.

Information provided by Zouk Club

Saturday 2 July 2005 at Zouk
At the forefront of a sound that’s taking over dancefloors all over the UK and Europe, Zouk’s ressie Sonny continues to shine through his signature YOU night. Sonny’s versatile repertoire now sees him pushing a more electro-ish house sound, filling the gap between djB’s groovy house and Aldrin’s tougher tribal beats. With an ear for quality, and decks skills that are oh so flexible, Sonny is no doubt one of the shining young stars of our local scene. So be sure to mark your calendars!

zouk/ phuture admission on 2 July for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm, $ 20/$25 after

Information provided by Zouk Club

Saturday 2 July 2005 at Phuture
A night of Nostalgia, taking you back to the early years of Phuture's Big Beat era and the massive AT@Z parties in the Zouk main room, where the tag team of Phuture residents Andrew Chow and Tony Tay were ripping up the dancefloor. On this occasion, Andrew and Tony will once again pair up to take you on a journey through a myriad of Beats - From Hip Hop to R&B, Down Tempo to Mid Tempo, Funky Breaks to Big Beat and everything else. Diving back into the Zouk vinyl vault, the boys will be resurrecting gems from the likes of Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, The Freestylers, Fatboy Slim, Bentley Rhythm Ace and the lists goes on... So let's take a trip Back To The Phuture!

zouk/ phuture admission on 2 July  for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm, $ 20/$25 after

Information provided by Zouk Club

The ChynaHouse Recordings and EMI present ‘A Pimp’s Night Out’
Wednesday 6 July 2005 at Velvet Underground, 9pm to 11pm, by invitation only
An exclusive party in celebration of Parking Lot Pimp’s debut album “Welcome To Our Frequency”. Good music, great games and a rockin’ performance from Parking Lot Pimp. After all… Music was always meant to be just for fun. (Parking Lot Pimp is MTV Asia’s first local Advance Warning artist.)
This event is proudly supported by MTV Asia.
Zouk/ Velvet Underground members may enter this event without invitations. 
admission on 6 July  for non-members (incl 2 drinks): zouk: $20  phuture : $23
velvet underground: $25
ladies enter free to all outlets.


Information provided by Zouk Club

Friday 8 July 2005 at Zouk
One of the most promising new school progenitors of deep house, Dennis Ferrer is currently enjoying “hit maker” status for UK based powerhouse Defected Records with his remix of Blaze’s “Most Precious Love”, and the ongoing success of his original production with Jerome Sydenham “Sandcastles”. Already placed within the pantheon of dance classics, “Sandcastles” represents the sound of an evolving genre, a new incarnation of deep house music melding techno, soul and Afro rhythms.   This is the now sound of Ferrer called ‘Pan African Electro’, and it has become the cornerstone of DJ sets across all genres from Jeff Mills to Timmy Regisford to Sasha.
zouk/ phuture admission on 8 July for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, $ 23/$28 after

Information provided by Zouk Club

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