The Beijing Olympic Indoor Stadium was illuminated with international and local stars celebrating the sixth spectacular CCTV-MTV Music Honors in Beijing, China on 24 July 2004. Over 100 artists dazzled the 4000 strong audience with their vocal prowess and star presence. Joined by a star-studded line-up of international and Asian artists from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, the ceremony was jointly hosted by multi-talented Taiwanese artist Harlem Yu, together with MTV VJ Li Xia and CCTV presenter Dong Qin. 

The CCTV-MTV Music Honors pays tribute to artists who have made significant contribution to China’s music development.   This year’s world-class production boasts an additional 2 awards that gave recognition to the behind-the-scene heroes of outstanding lyricists and composers.

Some notable winners include:

·        International: Whitney Houston (Outstanding Achievement), Michael Learns To Rock (Best Group of the Year)

·        Pan-Asia: Faye Wong (Best Female Artist of the Year)

·        In China: Pu Shu (Most Popular Male Artist of the Year) and Han Hong (Most Popular Female Artist of the Year)

·        In Hong Kong: Edison Chan (Best Male Artist of the Year), Joey Yung (Best Female Artist of the Year) and Twins (Best Song of the Year)

·        In Korea: MAYA (Best New Artist of the Year), Shin Sheung Hoon (Best Artist of the Year)

·        In Taiwan: A Du (Best Male Artist of the Year) and Jolin Tsai (Best Female Artist of the Year)

·        Outstanding Achievement: Lyricist Lin Xi from Hong Kong and Peng Li Yuan from China

Kick starting the night was an energetic performance by Taiwanese host Harlem Yu, who rapped with Kung Ling Qi and E Band to the evergreen favorites of Swedish pop legends ABBA. The upbeat and infectious tunes soon got everyone moving to the rhythm. Other highlights of the show included:

-         Lu Yi performed a sensational interpretation of late Anita Mui’s song “Lady’s flower”, while Qu Ying sang Leslie Cheung’s song “We’ll get over this together” to commemorate these two superstars who passed away recently. 

-         Micheal Learns to Rock made a stunning rendition (“Take me to your hear”) of Canto pop king Jacky Cheung’s famous song “Kiss goodbye”.

-         NBA star Steve Francis made a surprise appearance to present the “China – Outstanding Artist” award to the internationally renowned Chinese actress Zhang Zi Yi

-         Jay Cee Fang – son of world-famous Chinese artist Jacky Chan – gave his first ever performance in Mainland China

-         Music diva Whitney Houston gave her acceptance speech for the “International Outstanding Achievement” award on video.

Sponsored by IT company Tsing Hua Tong Fang with official supplier Motorola, the three-hour event will premiere on MTV China at 11am on 14 August 2004 and repeated through to October. The awards show will also be aired on MTV programmes ‘MTV Tin Lai Cun’, ‘MTV English’, ‘MTV Stage’, ‘MTV Countdown Show’ as well as CCTV1 and CCTV4. Portions of the show will also be available via MTV’s channels around the world and through syndication, reaching a potential viewing audience of over 400 million households in 166 territories.

MTV has a long history of creating exciting music events with locally-produced award shows annually around the world.  Additional MTV award ceremonies include the MTV India Excellence Awards (India), MTV Russia Music Awards (Russia), Australia Video Music Awards (Australia), MTV Romania Music Awards (Romania), MTV India Style Awards (India), MTV China Style Awards (China), MTV Style Awards (Korea), MTV Japan Video Music Awards (Japan), MTV Asia Awards, CCTV-MTV Mandarin Music Honors (China), MTV Pilipinas (Pilippines), MTV Penghargaan (Indonesia), MTV Europe Music Awards, Video Music Brasil Awards (Brazil), MTV Movie Awards (US) and MTV Video Music Awards (US).


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