Seb Fontaine (uk)
Tuesday Eve Vesak Day, 1 June 2004 at Zouk till 4am
Last here celebrating Cream’s 10th anniversary tour, Seb clearly belongs among the elite of international DJs. His DJ set is a gritty, hypnotic concoction that is as uncompromising as it is compelling. Always exploring new territories, crossing unchartered waters, Seb’s sound is ever changing, touching trance, progressive, breaks, and hard, funky twisted house. This is a man who knows his music, appreciates his job, but best of all, understands his audience. With his very own series of best-selling Prototype mix CDs from Global Underground, a Saturday night show on BBC Radio 1, plus his ongoing monthly night Type at The Cross in London, he continues to test his boundaries on the dancefloor.

Essential listening:
Seb Fontaine - Horizons

zouk/ phuture admission on 1 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, 23/$28 after

Heineken Greens Room Sessions with Peter Kruder (Austria)
Wednesday 2 June 2004 at Velvet Underground
One half of the legendary superstars of downtempo – K&D, Peter Kruder, along with studio partner Richard Dorfmeister, are the godfathers of a whole genre, and have made their austrophonic sound world renowned for several years already. On his own, Peter who is also part of Voom:Voom alongside Fauna Flash, has recently embarked on a new solo project – Peace Orchestra. It is here where Peter straddles lithely between jazz, dub and bossa, with all the parameters that constitute the sound of a conventional orchestra, yet without any actual musicians, but simply just the brilliance of genius Peter Kruder. On the decks, Peter is not just about down tempo, but fuses dub, funky beats and uptempo breaks to his already established K&D soundscape.

This event is open exclusively to Heineken Green Room Members. Visit for your chance to be invited. Membership requirements are stringent and positions are limited.

“Reconstruction of a City” – A Visions and Illusions Exhibition, Opening party with Zouk
Thursday 3 June at 21 Tanjong Pagar, 7pm till late
An In-Conjunction Visual Arts Event of the Singapore Arts Festival 2004
(1 – 18 June 2004 @ St James Power Station & 21 Tanjong Pagar)
SuperMart III:
In the dead of the night, the lighted convenience store is the only sign of life in the sprawling metropolis. Located in the depths of an anonymous Asian city, a reconstructed convenience store designed by artist-architects becomes the stage for an urban theatre performance that will challenge our definition of art. SuperMart III re-contextualises and distills the scene into the context for the opening party with Zouk. Unique and aesthetically original "products" by invited architects, musicians, artists and fashion designers will be displayed for sale at vintage prices. A cultural project that challenges the boundaries between pure art and commercial incentive, SuperMart III is also an interactive performance art show where all visitors will have something to bring home. And they will walk out and say, well, is this ART?

Free admission at 21 Tanjong Pagar on 3 June, 7pm till late

David Morales (Def Mix , US )
Friday 4 June 2004 at Zouk
Grammy award winning DJ and entrepreneur, David Morales sits amongst the New York house legends. As a Producer/Remixer, Morales has worked with top recording artists such as Mariah Carey, Backstreet Boys, Enrique Iglesias, Eric Clapton, Seal, Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Jamiroquai, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Spice Girls and Toni Braxton. Needing U - The first release from his label Definity, stormed into the US Billboard and UK dance charts, and became a summer anthem in 2001. His Def Mix’s management arm is also the watchful eye for the careers of Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie, Hector Romero and Bobby D’ Ambrosio.
zouk/ phuture admission on 4 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, 23/$28 after

Lottie (UK)
Saturday 5 June 2004 at Zouk, till 4am
Crowned Queen of Ibiza, and signed to BBC’s Radio 1 (alongside Pete Tong and
Seb Fontaine) Lottie’s DJ career has been growing from strength to strength.
Already gaining a key position at Radio 1, being featured in numerous
Radio 1 events, she’s also a regular feature in major clubs all over the UK.
Globally, she has rocked clubbers at Manumission, Space and Pacha in Ibiza;
Venezuela, Italy, Monte Carlo, Ireland, Switzerland, Moscow, Canada, Brazil,
Greece, Malta and Israel. Besides that, she also runs her weekly night
Missdemeanours at AKA Bar in London, which subsequently won the Best Bar
Joint in London’s Time Out Magazine. This night has also sprouted a label,
and its fourth release from Lottie herself entitled ‘Superkilla’, is already
causing a stir amongst all the top djs.

Essential listening:
Snapshot mixed by Lottie

zouk/ phuture admission on 5 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, 23/$28 after

Gemini Presents the Frontal Superstar DJ Project Finals
Saturday 5 June 2004 at Phuture, 9pm to 11pm, followed by Tony Tay
Surviving the relentless Frontal Superstar DJ elimination round held last month at Zouk, SSDJ finalists, David and Stuart, have been undergoing intense training at the Frontal DJ Academy through the month of May. Competition has been tough and both finalists are out to prove that they deserve to be the elusive Frontal Superstar DJ.
THE SSDJ Finals showdown will see David and Stuart pit their skills against one another to become the next Frontal Superstar DJ Champion. Performing live with a GEMINI equipped DJ console, witness their debut DJ sets at Phuture as they pull out their best turns in the air to work the decks and electrify the dance-floor in hope of becoming the 2004 Frontal SSDJ Champion.

The FRONTAL SUPERSTAR DJ CHAMPION will stand to win GEMINI DJ Equipments as well as proceed to tour with the Frontal DJs in upcoming parties.

Who will emerge as the Frontal Superstar DJ Champion? We’ll leave it to YOU and our panel of esteemed judges to decide!

Log on to for more info and exclusive passes to the event.

SSDJ Champion: One pair of Gemini CD1800X & a Gemini FX7000 Mixer
SSDJ Runner-Up: Gemini FX7000 Mixer & a Gemini Record Bag

zouk/ phuture admission on 5 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, 23/$28 after

Twisted Records Tour With DJ Vibe (Portugal) and Rob Di Stefano (US)
Friday 11 June 2004 at Zouk , starting 11pm, 4 hr set
Known in his hometown Lisbon as Tó Pereira, DJ Vibe is the driving force behind the Portugese dance scene. He made massive headlines in ’94, recording as The Underground Sound of Lisbon with Rui Da Silva, and produced the Number 1 Billboard Club hit ‘So Get Up’. He then went on to start the Portugese Number 1 dance label Kaos Records, and remixed the likes of Tony Humphries, Celeda, Kristine W and Club 69. His signature style and sound has impressed and inspired Danny Tenaglia, who has since featured Vibe at his parties in Miami and New York. Last summer, Vibe was also specially invited by Carl Cox as the chosen few to be an exclusive resident dj for his nights at Space in Ibiza. Joining him behind the decks is Rob Di Stefano, the founder of Twisted Records, a label that has supported DJ Vibe, Danny Tengalia and many others. Rob, who has been at the forefront of this house sound, has helped the music penetrate all corners of the globe.
zouk/ phuture admission on 11 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, 23/$28 after

One With Aldrin
Saturday 12 June 2004 Zouk, till 4am
2004 continues on the up for Zouk’s ressie DJ Aldrin. After an impressive
outing in the UK where he rocked The Cross in London, Arches in Glasgow,
plus his first ever UK festival - Wild In The Country, Aldrin has also just
returned from Australia, promoting the Rhythm1 CD compilation. Besides the
hectic touring schedules, he has been working on new material for the coming
summer season, which will evidently see his return to Ibiza, with confirmed
dates at Pacha and We Love Sundays at Space. But till then, he returns for
another rumble in the Zouk main room, so do join him for yet another massive
zouk/ phuture admission on 12 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm, 20/$25 after

Deep & Sexy CD Tour with Matthias Heilbronn (US)
Saturday 12 June 2004 at Velvet Underground, till 4am
Following the first two highly successful Deep and Sexy albums, Wave Music proudly presents the third installment in the series. This time Matthias "Matty" Heilbronn continues the legacy established by Francois K. and Ron Trent, crafting another masterful mix of sultry soul that keeps the pulse pumping from start to finish. Throughout his illustrious career, Matthias has steadily achieved international acclaim for his trademark sophisticated soulful sound: a glorious blend of soulful, jazz-inflected deep house, percussive Afro-Latin rhythms and infectious progressive tribal beats. He has rocked parties and festivals all over the world, not to mention, receiving the #1 of the decade spot by DJ Magazine for his Wave/Chez/Naked compilation CD.

Essential listening:
Deep & Sexy 3 mixed by Matthias Heilbronn

zouk/ phuture admission on 12 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm, 20/$25 after

Phuture Breaks Sessions
Saturday 12 June 2004 at Phuture
10pm: Julian 11pm: Feng (Frontallabs) 12am: DJ Spoonky (Djeneration)
1am: Tony Tay 2am: Weili (Frontallabs) 3am: Phuture Breaks All Stars

zouk/ phuture admission on 12 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm, 20/$25 after

Velvet Underground & Znaps Roses celebrate Tuesday Air crew Nights
Tuesday 15 June 2004 at Velvet Underground
The most exciting and refreshing infusion to yet hit the market is that of Znaps Vodka & Roses, which will be available from this launch onwards at Velvet Underground. Roses with a touch of champagne!

Znap Rose cocktails flow freely from 9.30pm onwards, while stocks last.

Entry by invitation only before 11pm.

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