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AKW is one of the co-founders of PUSH, the Hong Kong events company that specialises in techno and tech-house parties. In the past few years, PUSH have bought i

Anil Ahuja

Anil began his DJing career in the UK in 1996 where he resided for 3 years. He moved to Hong Kong to continue his career and has established himself as one of t

Arun R

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Arun R has been in love with house music since his early teenage years. During his career as a DJ, Arun R has played at almost eve

Basil Tam

‘Basil Tam’ aka ‘DJ BAS’ is a dj/producer who has been in the music scene for a total of 13 years. The first 9 years of his music career, he was Dj-ing


As a film critic and scholar, Dan-Neo is a firm believer in storytelling. His DJ sets bring you ups-and-downs by merging different genres across countries and e

David Lam

David Lam began his career as a professional DJ in 1987 after spending some time on other technical aspects in the club scene; it was the passion in discovering


Kowloon City, ,

DJ. Agni is the first Indian female Dj in Hong Kong. She has revived the Bollywood Club Culture in Hong Kong since 2012 & has brought back the Indian cinema


Aldo with his spicy Latino flavour as been serving up the hottest Dance, Funk, Lounge & Pop music at some of Hong Kong’s top night clubs such as ‘Play C

DJ Benzzi

Kowloon City, ,

DJ Bravo

AV8 Records / Bum Squad DJ STYLE OF MUSIC: Hip-Hop, R&B, Electro, House, Baltimore, Reggaeton, Reggae/Ragga, Dubstep, Rock, Mashup, 60's, 70’s, 80’s

DJ Cam Abecina

DJ Cam Abecina is one of the top female DJs in Manila and now in HK. You can't miss her gigs since she plays in 4 different clubs a week. (Dusk, Insomnia, Muse,

DJ Darkzoa

DJ Darkzoa is a DJ that mixes different types of Electro Dance Music, from loud pumpin' Electro House to energetic bass filled Dubstep and Moombahcore, his mixe


Kowloon City, ,

Dj Deep is the next emerging artist in Hong Kong party circuit. Dj Deep has been spinning various form of high energy sounds. He is currently rocking the Hong K

DJ eYe

Originally from Osaka Japan, influence by HipHop and R&B music since young age of 15, same year DJ eYe got her first turntable, since then she has span in c

DJ Gesco aka Yujonlee the Black Chinese

DJ Gesco, who made his name in Hong Kong as the former DJ of Makumba African Bar & Restaurant, is internationally known not only for his groovy and highly d

DJ Gie

DJ/Producer Gie originally comes from Vilnius, Lithuania. His musical interests began early in prestigious art schools and varied from solo to award winning cho

DJ Javed

DJ Javed’s strong Indian roots led him to his natural ability to understand and feel the culture of music and dance on a greater level than most artists. He h

DJ Jay-D

12 years DJ in LKF! Check me out and see for your yourself!

DJ Jbuns

Jbuns always strives to keep each set new and different. He will definitely keep the party crowd dancing until the wee hours of the morning, making him an excep

DJ Jomel

DJ Jomel started his career in 1997 with the advent of house music.Zip Bar HK was the emerging gay bar in the 90's and he quickly became it's resident.It was at



DJ JONNY 2.0 International DJ ** Hong Kong - New York - London - Los Angeles ** SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram @DJJONNY20 For bookings ema


DJ KARIM.T Karim extensive career as a DJ started 15 years ago in his home country Tunisia. Now at the age of 32 Karim is now DJing in some of Hong Kong's mo

DJ Kenji Hidaka

Hong Kong

Kenji Hidaka was born and raised in Kumamoto, Japan. As a teenager he relocated to Melbourne, Australia to study dance. It was here that Kenji discovered an ear

DJ Lemmor Boado

One of the Top DJs in Manila and member of Myxxyndicate DJs Bahrain. Presently playing in Zinc at Lan Kwai Fong in Central District from Monday - Saturday as a

DJ Mojito

Hung Hom, ,

Hong Kong born and raised, Mohit Kaliandasani aka DJ Mojito is a professional Open Format DJ/Producer, Rapper and Entertainer. Surrounded by hip-hop and electro

DJ Saiyan

DJ SAIYAN ( Magnetic Soul / BMC - Macao / Hong Kong ) Base in Hong Kong and Macau, Saiyan a.k.a. Terence is one of the core members and resident DJ of the Ma

DJ Samir

From his early age, DJ SAMIR organized parties at high schools and enjoyed it, so that pushed him to pick up the turntables. He became well-known thanks to his

DJ shoWgun

Hailing from Austin, Texas, the city with its hand on the pulse of the EDM and HipHop world, DJ ShoWgun is no stranger to the innovations of the club music indu


DJ Sir Scratch

Sir Scratch is known to be one the legends in the DJ industry. He has been in the game for more than 20 years with 3 DMC championships under his belt. A finali

DJ Tee

DJ Tee has been making his mark in Hong Kong’s music industry since 2000. He has been featured at both local and international events hosted by the city’s

DJ Tsoi

DJ Tsoi is an aspiring Canadian DJ living in Hong Kong. His passion for music started at a young age with a classically trained background as well as experiment


VJ is a DJ based in Hong Kong, He plays Bollywood, Bhangra & English music. A lot of people think he is a disc jockey & a video jockey, but NO. He is on


DJ Yin

For DJ Yin, music is everything. His journey into all things melodic started back in the early nineties, where in he discovered joy in the art form of music.


Amandeep Singh AKA DJ.A. is an enthusiast DJ living in Hong Kong. His passion for music started at a young age with a classically trained background as well as


As one of the newest players on the Hong Kong nightlife scene, DJC has definitely made his presence known. Like most DJs, he began because he wanted to hear the


an avid music lover, drafus started djing in the hopes of spreading the music he loved to anyone that'd listen. a dj since 98, regular clubber since 88, and obs

Emmanuel Diaz

Resident Dj at Dragon-i since 2015 Resident Dj at Zuma 2013-2015 Resident Dj at Gotha Cannes 2011-2013 Born in Chile and raised in Cannes, South of France, E

Eve Speciall

Eve Speciall Eve Speciall’s a fresh new DJ on the scene making waves with her genre-bending steeze. A HipHop head with headstrong indie roots, this model/d

Fab Sabs

Peter Sabine, aka DJ Fab Sabs, launched his career hosting music shows on UK radio in Edinburgh in 1999, moving on to play in London, Glasgow, and San Diego in


Companies performed for: Cartier, Daniel Jean Richard, Baum and Mercier, Tag Heure, Givenchy, Jack Lemans, Raymond Weil, Omega, Giorgio Armani, Nike, Gucci, Bu

Flight Deck

‘Flight Deck’ is a Australian born Hong Kong based dance music cooperative where decks meet percussion. Formed in 2009 by duo Mike and Ed, the pair’s

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