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DJ SAIYAN ( Magnetic Soul / BMC - Macao / Hong Kong )

Base in Hong Kong and Macau, Saiyan a.k.a. Terence is one of the core members and resident DJ of the Magnetic Soul Crew- most visible and prolific Drum and Bass Crew in Hong Kong's music scene. He founded the first Dnb/Dubstep event - Bass Attack in Macao, which was named as "The historic moment" in the Bass music scene of Macao. He is also the co-founder of Bass Music China (BMC) which promote Bass Music Culture in China.
Saiyan started to get into different kind of music since 1990 and in a Macau band called Dr. in 2002, with their individual formative roots ranging from producing Nu Skool Breakz, Drum and Bass, Jungle, Experiment and Dub music. In 2004, Dr. released their debut album – "Dr" and keep their focus on music production and live performance.

In 2005, Saiyan joined Magnetic Soul, organized events and brought several International DnB DJs into Hong Kong and Macao. Saiyan started to spin Drum and Bass, Dubstep, IDM, Dub and since this time with Magnetic Soul he has supported artists such as Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, Ed Rush & Optical, Total Science, Dj Fresh, Dj Randall, Outrage, Spectrasoul, SPY, Black Sun Empire, Ant TC1, Enei, Klute, Utah Jazz, DJ Makoto, DJ Fu, Sonic, John B etc. He also DJ in festival such as Macao Electronic Dance Music Festival 2009, Hong Kong Electronic Music Festival 2009 and the Largest Bass Music Festival in Europe, Outlook Festival 2012 and 2013.

Beside from music, Saiyan is also the professional in the fashion graphic and multi-media industry. He's using another name, Mr. Piksi focuses on fashion graphic desiign, video, motion graphic production. He was participated in different art projects eg 《Type M Syndrome》of Macao Fringe Festival; Macau art festival and France touches Hong Kong of French May 2009, Macao City Fringe 2010's multimedia concert《Memory》and 《Memory Blueprint》in 2011.


來自澳門的 DJ SAIYAN是香港Drum N' Bass團體Magnetic Soul之重要成員之一。亦是低音文化組織BASS MUSIC CHINA 的創立人. 從05年開始,於...香港組織大型音樂派對,積極推廣低音音樂文化,創辦了被譽為"歷史性一刻"的首個澳門低音派對Bass Attack。為香港和澳門之低音文化交流,起了關鍵作用.

Saiyan 是澳門傳奇樂隊 Dr. 的成員, 樂隊風格包含了Nu Skool Breakz, Drum N' Bass, Jungle, Experiment, Dr. 於2004年曾發表大碟「OD」。Saiyan 2005開始活躍於香港低音音樂圈. 並加入了Magnetic Soul, 成為主要成員之一. 2007年開始DJ生涯,風格以Drum n' Bass, Dubstep, IDM, Dub為主, 在不同的低音音樂派對演出, 並與來自世界各國際級DJ同場,當中包括 Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, Ed Rush & Optical, Total Science, DJ Fresh, DJ Randall, Outrage, Spectrasoul, SPY, Black Sun Empire, Ant TC1, Enei, Klute, Utah Jazz, DJ Makoto, DJ Fu, Sonic, John B 等, 亦於大型音樂節如2009澳門電子音樂節, 香港電子音樂節2009, 香港最大型的音樂節 Clockenflap 2012 以及全球最大型的低音音樂節OUTLOOK 2012 以及 OUTLOOK Festival 2013 擔任DJ角色。

除了於Magnetic Soul在香港組織低音音樂派對之外, Saiyan 於去年與Foxy創立了Bass Music China, 集結中國各地的低音愛好者, 為中國的低音音樂人以及樂迷提供平台, 積極推動中國的低音交化.

Saiyan 亦以另一個名宇, Mr.Piksi於時裝, 影像, 多媒體視覺設計上發表創作, 作品亦多與音樂, 時裝有關。曾參與的演出有澳門藝穗節 2007《M 型症候群》, 法國五月節 2009 "France touches Hong Kong", 澳門藝穗節2010 《記憶》以及澳門藝穗節2011《記憶藍圖》等。



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