Boujis Hong Kong (CLOSED)

Address : 37-43 Pottinger Street, ,
Telephone : (852)23230200
Website :

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Past Events

  16th Mar 2016
  6th Jun 2015
  14th Mar 2015
  13th Mar 2015
  17th Jan 2015
  16th Jan 2015
  15th Jan 2015
  12th Dec 2014
  11th Dec 2014
  29th Nov 2014
  28th Nov 2014
  27th Nov 2014
  22nd Nov 2014
  15th Nov 2014
  6th Nov 2014
  24th Oct 2014
  9th Oct 2014
  10th Apr 2014
  15th Mar 2014
  13th Mar 2014
  7th Feb 2014
  7th Feb 2014
  29th Nov 2013
  21st Nov 2013
  8th Nov 2013
  24th Oct 2013
  17th Oct 2013
  4th Oct 2013
  27th Sep 2013
  25th Sep 2013
  25th Jul 2013
  27th Jun 2013
  30th Mar 2013
  15th Mar 2013
  18th Jan 2013


The legendary Boujis chose the high energy international metropolis of Hong Kong to open its first offspring outside of London, UK. Boujis Hong Kong is located in the heart of Hong Kong's trendy financial and entertainment district.

Boujis' layout features a cocktail lounge, dance floor and a special VIP area offering spectacular views of the action. With a décor that blends sleek and opulent surroundings matching the luxurious lifestyle elements that has made Boujis famous world wide, it offers its exclusive clientele the outstanding service, music and ambience that are Boujis' signatures.

Boujis is more than just a nightclub, it hosts a legion of partnerships that offers its members exclusive discounts and value add ons to international hotels, spas, shops, airlines and much more.

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Past Events & Photos

Boujis presents Back2Back Fridays
  18th Mar 2016
Bar Stars Party
  16th Mar 2016
Boujis Hong Kong Presents DJ Victoria
  11th Jul 2015
Front Line Security presents No.7
  15th Apr 2015
Ladies with Taste Launch Party
  12th Feb 2015
DJ Jessica Who at Boujis
  27th Jun 2013
Belvedere Beat 2013 Presents London Beats (DJ Klaus and Ameet 'El Bongo')
  6th Jun 2013
DJ Mosey AKA Pierre Sarkozy at Boujis
  30th Mar 2013
Boujis Live Wednesday with Bella Elektra
  27th Mar 2013
Dim Sum Magazine 10 year Anniversary
  24th Jan 2013

Event Videos

Best Bartender cocktail at Boujis by Suvas Rai


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