Address : Basement, On Lok Mansion, 39-43 Hollywood Road, ,
Telephone : (852)25438856
Website : www.drop.com.hk

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  31st Aug 2019
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The brainchild of actress/producer Colette Koo and internationally renowned DJ Joel Lai, drop has been at the forefront of the Hong Kong club scene since it opened its doors in the year 2000. It has remained a permanent fixture on the top spots of both local and international 'best clubs' lists, including 'worldsbestbars.com'. Joel Lai is widely regarded as Hong Kong's premier house music pioneer, and his collaboration with Colette Koo, succeeded in providing a first class venue, the ultimate party with the very best of the best. Drops reputation for quality music, inventive cocktails and outstanding customer service, has guaranteed music lovers and clubbers the best night out that Hong Kong has to offer! Drop is recognized as having an eclectic, fun loving crowd, a warm atmosphere, and people who truly know how to party! The early hours entice you with chilled out tunes, ambient lighting, smiling, friendly staff and special happy hour offers. The perfect place to catch up for after work drinks, or an after dinner cocktail. As the night progresses, the beats pick up, the room heats up, and the dance floor is well and truly on fire!

Resident DJ's, Joel Lai, Janva, Eric Byron, Mr Sit, Romi B, Shan S, Kenji and Steve Yau spin unbeatable sets that never fail to get the entire room on their feet, dancing the night away…

Drop regularly hosts world famous international DJ's and performers, many of whom have enjoyed it so much, they have made numerous repeat visits, and have become a part of the drop family.

International guest DJ's and performers have included Norman Jay, Simon Dunmore, Danny Rampling, Copyright, Chocolate Puma, ATFC, Born To Funk, Mark Doyle, Sandy Rivera, DJ Pippi, Derrick Mckenzie, Mr Mike, DJ Yass and DJ Masaya to name a few….

"Pure unbridled musical hedonism - Good Times @ Drop - BRING IT ON!" - Norman Jay

"drop is a home from home for me, and a highlight of my DJ calendar". - ATFC

"I'd highly recommend anyone to go and check it out! Amazing club, music and vibe!" - Derrick Mckenzie- (Jamiroquai)

Drop has also hosted many celebrity guests, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Muse, Sting, Black Eyed Peas, Jamiroquai, Jade Jagger, Avril Lavigne, Josh Hartnett, Jeremy Piven, Green Day, Clive Owen..... To name a few....Drops discreet location and staff, ensure our VIP guests a hassle free environment, and a good night out!

"I ended up at this teeny club late one night and had a great time. The club has a great vibe, a long and fun list of cocktails, and the dance floor is always packed!" - Gwyneth Paltrow

Drop is a sought after venue for special occasions, private parties and events, and ensures each and every booking is catered to individual requirements, guaranteeing a fabulous and memorable occasion.

Monday 9pm - 3am
Tue - 9pm - 3am
Wed - 9pm - 5am
Thur - 9pm - 5am
Fri - 10pm - 6am
Sat - 10pm - 6am
Sun - closed


Past Events & Photos

Drop presents LOST & FOUND
  13th Mar 2015
Party and Play Art at Drop
  17th Oct 2013
Chocolate Puma at Drop
  18th May 2013
Sharooz at Drop - Belvedere BEAT 2012
  9th Jun 2012
Soul Heaven Presents Neil Pierce at drop
  3rd Sep 2009
Caburlesque II at drop
  16th Jul 2009
Norman Jay at drop
  25th Jun 2009
Caburlesque at drop
  10th Jun 2009
Rendezvous with Ko Kimura at drop
  3rd Jun 2009
Soul Heaven with Bopstar at drop
  14th May 2009
ATFC at drop
  23rd Apr 2009
Launch of Rendezvous at drop
  25th Mar 2009
Connor's Birthday with Carl Cox at drop
  19th Dec 2007
DJ Marques Wyatt at drop
  29th Nov 2007
drop in at drop
  2nd May 2003
Plump DJs & Sasha at drop, Afterparty at Gene
  21st Dec 2002

Event Videos

Best Bartender cocktail at Drop by Rohan Sunar


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