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PLAY welcomes the fashionable elite with a party loving spirit to a vast, yet intimate venue of over 6000sq ft. With a uniquely chic interior and sections tailored for each guest to determine their own experience, the venue boasts a state of the art d&b soundsystem, high tech lighting and elegantly slick DJ booth. Paired with top quality service, an infinite bar, and Dom Perignon’s only champagne lounge in Hong Kong, PLAY encourages the best kind of debauchery. A place to be at and be seen at, the cities nightlife destination is a favourite of international socialites, celebrities, jet-setters and CEO’s.

Noted as much for its music as the overall entertainment, PLAY has seen the likes of Skrillex, Paul Van Dyk, Afrojack, Kaskade and Mýa offering the complete social experience, providing further reason for PLAY to be an acclaimed top nightlife destination.


Past Events & Photos

PLAY 8th Anniversary Celebration with Charli XCX
  25th Mar 2017
PLAY Presents: Taboo (Live)
  26th Feb 2017
Felicia No.1
  7th Dec 2016
PLAY presents Hot Sauce with SMTH (aka Agent Smith)
  15th Jul 2016
PLAY presents Jack Beats
  3rd Apr 2016
PLAY presents Grandmaster Flash
  1st Apr 2016
PLAY's 6th Anniversary ft. MÝA, Big ALI & DJ KASHOVSKI
  20th Aug 2015
PLAY Presents: The Ultimate Glow Paint Party (Vol.4)
  6th Aug 2015
TFIT Presents EDM vs HIP HOP at Play
  16th Jul 2015
  24th Apr 2015
  2nd Apr 2015
HYBRID and PLAY Present Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
  29th Jan 2015
PERVERT PARTY ft Jeri Lee, Luxi Boo, Maya Michelle, Jennifer Nguyen
  23rd Oct 2014
PLAY Presents Posso
  10th Oct 2014
Krewella at Play
  13th Jun 2013
Glow paint party at Play
  6th Jun 2013
Play presents DJ Erok
  25th Apr 2013
Thank F*ck It's Thursday Presents Mad House
  18th Apr 2013
Thank Fck It's Thursday presents DJ Cut Killer
  24th Jan 2013
French Tuesdays 2013 Art Meets Fashion Night
  17th Jan 2013
Flip Cup Tournament - Jager Train Wreck Week 4
  3rd Jan 2013
CIRQUE du PLAY with Willy Wonka
  19th Dec 2012
Thank Fck It's Thursday Presents Hip Hop Night Biggie & Tupac - The Reunion
  13th Dec 2012
CIRQUE du PLAY Gothique
  12th Dec 2012
  6th Dec 2012
Flip Cup Tournament - Jager Train Wreck Week 3
  6th Dec 2012
  5th Dec 2012
GlamGirl Soft Launch Event
  29th Nov 2012
Flip Cup Tournament - Jager Train Wreck Week 2
  29th Nov 2012
LAZY CANDY Launch Event x TDHK
  22nd Nov 2012
Flip Cup Tournament - Jager Train Wreck
  22nd Nov 2012
Thank Fck It's Thursday Presents FIERCE ANGEL
  22nd Nov 2012
PLAY Presents CIRQUE du PLAY - Clown Special
  21st Nov 2012
PLAY & HKYanto Yan Presents Hippy Diwali
  15th Nov 2012
CIRQUE du PLAY Afrique
  14th Nov 2012
PLAY presents SKRILLEX in Asia
  9th Nov 2012
PLAY Presents N.E.R.D
  1st Nov 2012
PLAY Presents THEM & US
  21st Sep 2012
  13th Sep 2012
PLAY's 1st Anniversary
  9th Aug 2012
Infected Mushroom at PLAY
  19th Jul 2012
BRASS KNUCKLES - First Asian Tour at PLAY
  21st Jun 2012
  31st May 2012
PLAY Proudly Presents Paul van Dyk
  10th May 2012
PLAY Presents HED KANDI Classics
  3rd May 2012
IYAZ Debut Performance at PLAY
  27th Apr 2012
Tinseltown Launch Fashion Show at PLAY
  28th Mar 2012
Pervert Party at PLAY
  22nd Mar 2012
PLAY Presents R3HAB hosted by MC Ambush
  23rd Feb 2012
Legendary Wednesdays Launch Party: Featuring DJ Earworm and Dom Perignon
  7th Dec 2011
PLAY Club Grand Opening
  28th May 2011
Yoshino at PLAY
  13th Mar 2010
Kanchan Couture Turns 2 at PLAY
  22nd Oct 2009

Event Videos

DJ Revolution Vol.6: W&W at PLAY


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