Du Hsiao Yueh (Macau)

Address : THE BROADWAY, A-G014-16,
Telephone : (853)88833338
Website : www.galaxymacau.com/en/macau-restaurant/restaurant-directory...
Opening Hours :

Sunday to Thursday
11am - 12am

Friday to Saturday,
Public Holiday & Holidays’ Eve
11am - 1am

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With an over hundred-year-old history, Du Hsiao Yueh's trademark Dan-Tzai Noodles is a special combination of shrimp soup, bean sprouts, coriander, garlic paste, traditional vinegar made in Taiwan, noodles, and of course it's signature minced pork paste. Nowadays, Du Hsiao Yueh has become the "New Taiwan Cuisine". They study the characteristics of various ingredients, integrating them with the diverse and inclusive culinary culture of Taiwan, creating new dishes that are both innovative and healthy. Other dishes such as Ancestral Braised Pork with Rice, and the light-as-air Deep-fried Egg Tofu with Dried Bonito Sauce are equally full of Tainan flavour, and not to be missed.


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