Smoke & Barrels

Address : Shop 3, LG/F, My Central, 23 Graham Street, ,
Telephone : (852)96120988
Opening Hours :

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 9am-6pm

Cuisine :
  • American

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Smoke & Barrels, a Southern United States smokehouse, is now open at My Central on Graham Street, Central. Brought by the same team that established Cupping Room and Doubleshot, Smoke & Barrels is the ultimate grab-and-go store for sandwiches, smoked meat platters, New Orleans-style beverages, and more. Inspired by but not bound to tradition, Smoke & Barrels prides itself on its ethos of making everything in-house, and using modern technology in its smoking process.

Featuring an open kitchen with bench seating for ten, Smoke & Barrels is perfect for on-the-go sandwiches and quality smoked meats for any occasion. Signature Hot Brisket Bun (HKD 118) highlights a well-balanced lean to fat ratio of US prime brisket in a toasted brioche bun with tangy mustard. Smoked for more than 18 hours, the thickly sliced brisket is impossibly juicy and well seasoned. Chicken Avocado and Gouda Sandwich (HKD 98) is a delightful option for those taking their first dive into the world of smoked meat. Melt-in-your-mouth lightly smoked chicken is mixed with freshly chopped avocado and topped with a slice of nutty gouda cheese. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Croissant (HKD 78) is also not to be missed. The croissant (baked from scratch in-house) is filled with a generous helping of cold smoked Norwegian salmon, offering a symphony of textures and flavours. Apart from catering to meat lovers, Smoke & Barrels also offers vegetarian sandwich options.

The Smokehouse platters are designed for sharing, but would make for a delicious and meaty challenge for determined single diners. Brisket and ribs (HKD 328) is a curated selection of favourite American classics – succulent, sweet and tender. Two other platter options are also available, Smoked Chicken and Sausage (HKD 268) and Smoked Turkey and Brisket (HKD 268), providing a variety of choices including poultry and pork. The complex spice rubs used at Smoke & Barrels are adjusted for each type of protein, in order to balance the varying levels of flavour intensity of each meat. Adoption of modern technology, such as electric smokers, is also a crucial part in making sure all meat is handled with the highest quality control and consistency from batch to batch.



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