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UA Cine Times (Causeway Bay)

Level 13, Time Squre, ,

Apart from movie-going, UA Cinemas is a destination filled with your childhood, love, inspirations and wonderful stories. This year, UA Cinemas presents a bra

 (852) 3918 5888
    Category : Cinemas


18/F, OLIV, 15-21 Sharp Street East, ,

Ukiyo Teppankyaki Steakhouse opened in Causeway Bay in June 2018. Helmed by veteran Chef Gai of Nadaman fame, the well-appointed 21-seater restaurant serves up

    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)

Uno Duo Trio (CLOSED)

19/F, Bartlock Centre, 3 Yiu Wa Street, ,

    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)

Veggie One

Shop B04, Basement, Tower 535, ,

“Veggie One” offers contemporary vegetarian options, encouraging diners to embark on a healthier lifestyle while enjoying delicious vegetarian dishes. Amid

    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)

Vics Bar

1/F, Metropark Hotel, 148 Tung Lo Wan Road, ,

Chic and cosy, Vic's Pub is a relaxing place, which offers an impressive selection of delectable drinks and great-tasting snacks for music lovers. Put yourself

    Category : Bars (Hong Kong)

Volcano Grill

9-10/F, The L Square, 459-461 Lockhart Road, ,

Volcano Grill, a modern Japanese restaurant specialises in grilling, is located in The L Place, Causeway Bay is a meaty heaven to Hong Kong “carnivores”! Th

 (852) 2889 7008
    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)

Wagyu Vanne by Gosango

1/F, Tower 535, No. 535 Jaffe Road, ,

Wagyu Vanne by Gosango is the brainchild of Celebrity Chef Vanne Kuwahara, founder of Tokyo’s acclaimed “Yoroniku” restaurant Ebisu, a favourite among Jap

    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)

Wheatfield Kitchen

2/F, Hotel Pennington, 13-15 Pennington Street, ,

Beetroots have been a key ingredient regarding authentic Russian cuisines, the most notable dish would be Russian Borsch, by simply adding sour cream and stir t

 (852) 3422 8803
    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)

Wing It!

Leighton Road Shop3&16, G/F Lei Shun Court, ,

    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)

Wonderdog (CLOSED)

12, Haven Street, ,

    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)

Wooloomooloo Prime (Causeway Bay)

Level 27 & 28 Soundwill Plaza II – Midtown, 1 Tang Lung Street, ,

The second branch of our premium concept, Wooloomooloo Prime, is a duplex restaurant comprising 16,000 sq. ft. of wining and dining space. Both floors feature a

    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)


G/F, 10 Morrison Hill Road, ,

Created by a few passionate drinkers/good friends, WORTH THE FUSS opens as the freshest bar in Causeway Bay, bringing the neighbour- hood a whole new attitude.

    Category : Bars (Hong Kong)

Xiao Tian Gu Dessert Kaffee

Shop 4-6, G/F, Cigna Tower, 482 Jaffe Road, ,

    Category : Cafes and Bakeries

Yee Tung Heen

2/F, The Excelsior, Hong Kong, 281 Gloucester Road, ,

Using only the most refined Chinese cooking methods combined with the best ingredients, Yee Tung Heen has created a wonderful menu of seasonal Cantonese special

    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)


1-5 Haven Street, ,

With a total of seven award-winning shops in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo as well as its recent opening in Hong Kong, Yukinoshita specializes in Atsuyaki Thick Japane

    Category : Cafes and Bakeries

YUM CHA (Causeway Bay)

2/F, Emperor Watch & Jewellery Ctr., 8 Russell Street, ,

Yum Cha serves traditionally dim sum & Chinese cuisine with a contemporary twist - pops you with healthy, tasty & visually crafted food.

    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)

Yun Yan

Shop 1001B, 10/F, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, ,

Authentic Sichuan cooking takes on a new identity with an array of creative dishes that attract today’s those who enjoy this fiery yet highly nuanced cuisine.

    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)


9/F, Zing!, 38 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, ,

Zerve Bar is CWB's most refined sports bar! Catering to fans and enthusiasts of all sports, with our wall to wall broadcast of live sports, you can be sure yo

    Category : Bars (Hong Kong)

藏 Kura

Jaffe Rd 482, ,

    Category : Restaurants (Hong Kong)

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