Lousy Party with DJ Ditto, Arthur Yêti, Busy Boi & Adipta (THUR)


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What started as a simple 宀 Gallery exhibitions’ afterparty turned out to become one of these legendary parties that the club have had the honour to host. Thanks to perfect alignment of planets and great synergies between different Hong Kong artistic scenes (Musics, Street Arts, Fashions...etc). Lousy Party is a collaboration between collectives seeking to expose the local creative scenes.

We are happy to announce that the “Lousy” party is back, along with the same open mindedness that made the first chapter such a success.


Arthur Yeti (Yeti)

Having honed his craft throwing parties and DJ'ing in East London as part of the YETI OUT collective he founded, Arthur Yeti's energetic sets blur the line between house, ghetto tech and bass, alongside new-found rhythms from his label Silk Road Sounds. With past stints working at Giles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings, Tru Thoughts Records, FACT Mag and HYPEBEAST, the Hong Kong-based DJ and journalist is at the forefront of hot releases. His style is witnessed in YETI OUT's NTS and Balamii Radio shows, Boiler Room shows in both Hong Kong and Chicago, and residencies at Bangkok’s Beam and Cakeshop Seoul.



ADIPTA, ‘Autonomous Drone Insect Purge Them All’, an idea inspired by Netflix series Black Mirror. The idea of itself is just a heavy journey of seeking a peaceful world. As a DJ & promoter & Graphic designer, all the amazing THUR's flyers are done by himself, he believes everyone has the ability to make music. They just need support and guidance to discover what works best for them. held parties with different collectives to promote Hong Kong underground music.



USYBOI aka Jonathan is the co-founders THUR & 22E(意義衣) - Who has always had aspirations in creative arts. It’s an approach to Fashion, street art to underground culture teaching and learning that means all young people can make anything happen, whatever their background or circumstances. It’s about embracing every style and genre of music. It’s about creating access to music-making in the first place and providing the right support and opportunities so that young people can progress on their individual journeys.

He is one of the organizers of the biggest Hip Hop Music Festival as BLOOM FEST in Hong Kong of AUG 2019. His music has taken him all the way from Taiwan to Bangkok, Seoul and beyond!


DJ Ditto 

DJ Ditto is a HK based Korean DJ who has been playing regularly at 宀 club, 18F and Eaton Radio. She’s Deeply in love with ratchet / hardcore music and anime especially Evangelion but you will be surprised by the extent of her musical knowledge and her evergrowing ability to precisely control any room she plays in. 



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