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Simian Mobile Disco project had started to take a vague kind of shape. Originally simply a name under which band members would DJ – in order to, says Jas, “satisfy our urges to do something more freeform, as touring locked us into playing the same songs again and again in the same way.” The name, increasingly just referring to James and Jas, was then used for the band's own remix of themselves, then for remixes of others, and as Simian came to an end became the duo's main creative outlet as they made more and more electronic tracks for their own DJ sets.

Either way, the sound is entirely confident, and brings together all their influences in the pursuit of pure sonic pleasure. In a weird way it brings back the “prog-psychedelic” feel of those very first Simian songs, though with all the knowledge of the dancefloor they've gained in the
SMD years. And the effect of that is quite uncanny: it completely sidesteps questions of retro and futurism to create a sonic temporal zone all of its own, where the place where relatively primitive electronic sounds stop and the mind-boggling degree of control offered by digital signal processing starts is impossible to locate. And thus synthetic noises that might echo a Tomita or Suicide record from decades back are reinvigorated in a perfect demonstration of electronic music's power of recreation. The title of one track – “Everyday” – says it all: this is about renewal as a routine part of music making.

It's a record full of love, dedication, hard-earned experience, obvious understanding of decades of electronic music from across scenes and styles, and huge fun. It's completely of the now, showing a band as familiar with Blawan and Lone as they are with Silver Apples and Phuture, but never jumping on bandwagons; as Jas puts it “why would we want to try and imitate a Hessle Audio record when they do it perfectly already? Why make a Lindstrom record when you can't be better than Lindstrom?” It's just this sort of deliberate refusal to imitate or latch on to any one sound, along with a whole lot of passion and hard work, that's given SMD the longevity and fruitfulness they've achieved. So if you ever hear them suggest they just lucked out, don't
believe a WORD of it.

DATE: 15 JUN 2013 (SAT) | RESERVATION / RSVP: +853 6638-4999 /


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