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  • When: Sat 19 Oct 2013 22:30
  • Where: PLAY  
  • Category: Nightlife
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PLAY Presents: Erok

October 19th, SAT
10:30pm till late

"One moment of perfection is better than a whole life of only good. Live for the moment!"- Erok's mantra

One of Miami's leading DJs, DJ Erok is returning to PLAY on Saturday, October 19th back by popular demand! With his diverse interest in music including genres such as soul, funk, Brazilian beats, reggae, house, rock and Hip Hop, Erok has earned a solid reputation amongst his fellow artists and fans.

His energy and love of music has helped Erok on the spinning decks at the hottest clubs and exclusive parties around the globe. His performance includes Eva Longoria's celebration on a private yacht, Jennifer Aniston's wrap up party, Red Bull Racing's Formula 1 in Pacha São Paulo and Monte Carlo and Red Bull after-ride party in Valle Nevado, a premier ski resort in South America.

Erok is always on the move from country to county wherever his talent leads him to. As Erok says "One moment of perfection is better than a whole life of only good. Live for the moment!"

Saturday, October 19th, 2013, Erok will entrance you... "selek it, kue it, rok it!"

For more info about DJ Erok:

Ladies: HK$200
Gents: HK$300

*Dress Code: Party Attire
*Members & 21 or Above Only
*Table Bookings: | |


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