Love Da presents Télépopmusik - Live In Hong Kong 2013


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Love Da Records 主辦 香港法國文化協會全力支持:
Télépopmusik - Live In Hong Kong 2013

曾獲第46屆格林美「最佳電音專輯獎」的法國電音三人組Télépopmusik,以節奏明快卻不失深度的舞曲聞名。首張專輯<Genetic World> 於2002年推出時大受歡迎,有如春光揮灑的<Breathe>一曲更成為汽車廠牌Mitsubishi Outlander SUV和Air France的廣告歌,而Angela Mccluskey飄渺輕柔的歌聲亦自然成為一大亮點。
Télépopmusik的音樂涉及大量元素如Ambient Pop, Trip-Hop, House, Nu-Jazz, Hip Hop等等,沒有一味追求黑暗深沉的氣氛,擅長建構優美飄搖的電子節拍,而且經常找來擁有甜美聲線的女歌手合作,而Télépopmusik今次將帶來紐約女聲Betty Black。總帶著法國的優雅情調,層次鮮明的電音舞曲就是Télépopmusik的標誌。
Love Da Records與香港法國文化協會合作,將這股法國電音魅力帶到香港樂迷面前!

票價: 坐位$680  企位$420
香港法國文化協會 會員價:  坐位$620  企位$380
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FB Page:

Betty Black Page:

Presented by Love Da Records with Support of Alliance Française de Hong Kong
Télépopmusik - Live In Hong Kong 2013

Thanks for the support of Alliance Française de Hong Kong, we have gladly invited Télépopmusik to bring us a fantastic night on 6th November, 2013!
Nominated for Grammy’s Best Dance Recording award, Télépopmusik, the French electric trio will sweep us through soon with their chilling grooves. Their debut album, Genetic World (2002), received huge success. Perhaps we still remember once in a while we were washed by their single Breathe – the popular hit appearing in uncountable TV ads, films and TV series including Air France. Angela McCluskey’s voice is still a shiny gem today.

Télépopmusik mixes various musical elements such as Ambient Pop, Trip-Hop, House, Nu-Jazz and Hip Hop and often brings in wonderful voices from different female artists. Sometimes as though in an abyss, sometimes as smooth a ballad dancer, featuring the beautiful lady Betty Black, fir the first time in Hong Kong they will take us through a musical journey smelling of a little French spirit with refreshing dance tunes.

Event Details
Date: 6th November, 2013 (Wednesday)
Time: 8:30pm
Venue: Music Zone@E-Max, KITEC

Standard Price - Seating $680; Standing $420;
Members of Alliance Française de Hong Kong - Seating $620; Standing $380
Tickets available at Cityline
Official Site:
FB Page:
Betty Black Page:


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