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After taking his Mr. Moonlight Tour across the United States, Europe and South America, ‘Godfather of Goth’ Peter Murphy will bring the show - which celebrates the 35th anniversary of Bauhaus with a set comprised only of that band’s material or songs the group covered - to Hong Kong this November! It has been 25 years after Peter Murphy’s first performed in Hong Kong.
Bauhaus formed in 1978 and achieved worldwide cult status that continues to this day. As the main man of the acclaimed outfit, Peter Murphy helped usher in ground breaking opaque moods and atmospheres into the post-punk landscape. Bauhaus originally split in 1983, but eventually bowed to public pressure to reform in 1998 and again in 2005. The Mr. Moonlight Tour will be the first time since 2006 that Peter Murphy will perform full Bauhaus sets, and the first time ever that he will do so on his own.

"Being the foremost advocate of this Bauhaus work, I decided the time was ripe to at last give a pure Bauhaus experience in one 'Mr. Moonlight' world tour. Mr. Moonlight is alive and well, don't doubt it." Peter Murphy said.

Peter Murphy Mr. Moonlight Live in Hong Kong
Organizers: Music Week, 168 Production, 89268
Date: 28 Nov, 2013
Venue: Rotunda 3, 6/F, Kowloon International Trade and Exhibition Centre (KITEC)
Price: $790 (Free Standing)
Ticket on sales from 7th Oct in HKticketing outlets (

Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy is called the Godfather of Goth. He is best known as the vocalist of legendary sonic pioneers Bauhaus, whose 1979 single "Bela Lugosi's Dead" is largely considered to be the beginning of the Gothic rock genre. But like any true innovator, Murphy has proved himself unafraid to leave behind the worlds that he creates, to tear down the walls of his own dark castle in the post-punk underworld and go in search of unknown creative terrain upon which to rebuild. After he disbanded Bauhaus in 1983, Murphy embarked on years of exploration as both a solo musician and painter. Nearly a decade later, in a sign of his lasting brilliance, he created American pop anthem "Cuts You Up" (1990), which sat at the top of the Billboard Modern Rock charts longer than any other number one hit that year. The musical descendants of Murphy and Bauhaus are well documented, and the artists's style has been a force no less powerful.
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歌德搖滾殿堂全接觸!僅此一次 畢生無憾!

 香港樂迷、Gothic Rock樂迷、Peter Murphy樂迷及喜歡Bauhaus樂迷的天大喜訊!闊別25年,經歷四份一個世紀的歷史時刻再度重現,從前錯失機會的樂迷可以再一次欣賞到歌德搖滾教主Peter Murphy的精彩演出!
Peter Murphy - Mr. Moonlight Tour巡迴演唱會為紀念Bauhaus成立35年而演,故所有曲目均是Bauhaus作品,例如:Kingdom's Coming、Double Dare、Silent Hedges、In The Flat Field、Dark Entries、King Volcano、Bela Lugosi's Dead、Kick In The Eyes、Telegram Sam、Stigmata Martyr、Passion Of Lovers、Adrenalin和Ziggy Stardust......等等。今後想再欣賞Peter Murphy唱這麼多Bauhaus的歌曲似乎亦非易事?
今次《音樂一周》成功邀請Peter Murphy來港,僅僅演出一場,場地只可以容納千多名觀眾,實在一票難求!欲想把握這個千載難得的機會,請從速購票!
Peter Murphy Mr. Moonlight Tour 香港站
主辦:《音樂一週》《168 Productions》《89268》
日期: 2013年11月28日 晚上8時
地點:九龍灣國際展貿中心6樓展貿廳 3
票價:$790 (全場企位)

Peter Murphy 前BAUHAUS / DALI'S CAR (與JAPAN 低音結他手Mick Karn 合組的樂隊)成員。他一方面帶著很David Bowie 似的嗓子,又同時蓋着詭異神秘的黑紗。
這些獨特的風格多年来成為了Peter Murphy 不能輕易替代的徽號。
BAUHAUS 于2008年試圖復合,並出版了Go Away White,更附加巡演配合。只可惜,人事上的問題,那復合沒有為這四位成員帶來值得慶祝的結局。最後,還是選擇各自上路。
2011年,Peter Murphy 以個人名義,在七日之內完成了他這張作品: Ninth 。
Ninth 內其中兩位伴奏樂手: Mark Gemini Thwaite (結他),與Nick Lucero (鼓),也就是11月28日會隨同Peter 一起在ROTUNDA 台上展示所有BAUHAUS 經典的隊員。另外一位,則是負責低音結他及小提琴的Emilio Amadeus Di Zefalo 。
這個新面目的陣容將會與Peter Murphy 一起,為樂迷安排了多年來BAUHAUS 的經典。
下月,一切本來僅在大家夢中的景象、音樂, 都會活生生出現在面前。
Wish you will be there …… just like us !!
-- 《音樂一周》創辦人 Sam Jor

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《音樂一周》記者明明執筆報導,重溫關於Peter Murphy在美國再度演繹Bauhaus歌曲的精彩文章:

媒體查詢:Cat Po 6198 1964 /Vivian Yeung 9773 0305

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