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Gabrielle Aplin’s
very first live show in Hong Kong

British singer Gabrielle Aplin is full of creativity and potential, she is only 20 years old, but she’s already making history. Her first success on the single <The Power Of Love> had quickly won the champion on the UK chart, which has stunned the whole music industry. She’s such a young lady full of creativity and the experience of performance, who has already built up her fan base before her music career, by setting up Youtube channel for her covers and music creations.

Gabrielle Aplin’s has her debut album released in May in 2013. The folk pop styled album has a great composition of guitar, piano and other types of musical instruments like strings, electric sound and drums. It had quickly climbed up to No.2 on UK Album Chart. Gabrielle Aplin’s music is having a unique style about the positive energy and passion towards life and emotions. With simple lyrics and her sweet angelic voice, the album possessed a unique temperament to demonstrate the true meaning of love.

Gabrielle Aplin has gaining more and more public recognition in the recent months, for example, for her exposure in BBC Radio 1 Live Session. She has also been to Asia and made her very first performance in Summer Sonic Festival in Japan. Her presences in iTunes Festival 2013 is extraordinary, she performed her greatest hits <The Power Of Love>, <Please Don’t Say You Love Me>, <Panic Cord> and <Home>, as well as other album songs like <Salvation> and <How Do You Feel Today>, which has received very positive feedback.
Gabrielle Aplin will pay a visit to Hong Kong and have her first live show here in KITEC Music

Zone on 9 December 2013 (Monday). Apart of radio interviews, she will also meeting with other medias as well as fan groups.

人靚歌甜Gabrielle Aplin

年僅21歲來自英國,極具潛力唱作女歌手 Gabrielle Aplin,以一曲<The Power Of Love>打入英國單曲榜Top 40,並迅速拿下第1位,堪稱樂壇奇蹟。雖然年紀小小卻才氣橫溢,她有很長的表演和創作經驗,亦清楚自己音樂方向。她在Youtube早已設有個人頻道, 不時將一些創作和翻唱別人作品的演出放上網上,從而吸納了一班喜歡她的樂迷。

這個英國清新女聲,今年在5月時推出了首張個人大碟 《English Rain》。這張勇奪英國大碟榜第二位的作品,音樂風格屬於folk/ folk pop一類,創作以結他和鋼琴為主,有時也會加入其他樂器如弦樂丶電音或鼓作伴奏。歌詞簡潔生活化,淡淡然的歌聲滲透着少女對生命、情感的憧憬和熱情;如 此出色的細緻抒情作品,輕而易舉地打動聆聽者的心房。近來folk music殺入了外國主流流行樂市場,Gabrielle Aplin何謂具備所有令人喜愛她的條件──她有一張年輕丶漂亮丶清純的面孔,聲音輕柔丶悅耳丶甜美丶感性,優美得叫人會認為就是天使的聲音,讓人愛不釋 手地反覆細聽她的每一個作品。

Gabrielle Aplin在月前除了在很多知名音樂人都曾演出的BBC Radio 1做Live Session,得到很大的正面迴響;她亦踏足亞洲,遠赴日本著名的音樂節Summer Sonic演出;及後Gabrielle更出席iTunes Festival 2013,演出成名作<The Power Of Love>、<Please Don’t Say You Love Me>、<Panic Chord>及<Home>,還有其他大碟大熱歌曲如<Salvation>、<How Do You Feel Today>等等。

在很多的期盼之下,Gabrielle Aplin 終於在今年12月9日(星期一)假九龍灣展貿Music Zone舉行音樂會及與香港歌迷近距離會面。
是次訪港,Gabrielle Aplin將會亮相電台進行專訪,及與各大傳媒見面接受訪問,並會安排時間遊歷香港,為新歌創作找尋靈感。


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