Paris' House Beats w/ Scalia & Benji at Premium Sofa Club


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Parisian duo born this year in Hong Kong, from a common desire to share innovative electronic music together, Scalia and Benji are strongly influenced by the techno and house music scenes emerging those days in Paris. Inspired by major American artists (3 chairs, Omar S …) as much as much more underground Djs like the Romanian Rhadoo and Raresh, they're proud to propose an eclectic and innovative Dj set. Mostly interested by myriad of house music forms, from a very funky groove to a much more minimalistic one, they'll remind you your darkest European after parties as much as your brightest funky sunny days.

Party starts at midnight, bring your fav drinks.
We have fridges to keep it chill and cups
Participation fee is $HKD100

Venue: Premium Sofa Club, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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