YourMum presents: OK Go, live in Hong Kong


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YourMum presents:
OK Go, live in Hong Kong
24th July 2015 (Friday)
KITEC Music Zone
HKD450 from

Music Zone@E-Max
1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, Kowloon

With a gazillion online views and a penchant for continuously raising the bar to deliver the unexpected, YourMum can't wait to present OK GO's return to HK following their sold out show in 2010.

Taking their rightful place in popular culture thanks to their groundbreaking music videos, the Chicago four piece (now based in LA) could quite reasonably claim to have defined 'viral video'. Through their collaborations with the likes of pioneering dance companies, tech giants, animators, dogs and muppets, OK Go continue to fearlessly dream and build new worlds in a time when creative boundaries have all but dissolved. With four studio albums, their latest released in 2014, and working again with long time collaborator Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, MGMT, Weezer) & Tony Hoffer (Beck, Phoenix, Foster The People) the band show no signs of slowing down in what has to date been a 15 year career of pop-rock smarts, musical friendship and band-of-the-future innovations.

Live, the multi award winners (Grammy, Webby, MTV to name but three) are a complete and joyous celebration. True masters of performance with an elaborate stage show, an OK Go live experience is pure, unadulterated fun. Can't say fairer than that.

Catch these creative trailblazers on July 24th, but be quick - the show sold out in quick time last time round, and they're going to fly again this!

「你媽」呈獻:OK Go香港音樂會

地點:九龍灣國際展貿中心 Music Zone
門票:港幣$450 於 okgo.ticketflap.com公開發售

炮製驚喜,對他們來說是駕輕就熟。來自美國芝加哥的OK Go繼2010年全場爆滿的音樂會後,將於今個夏天7月24日再度來港演出!

相知不少樂迷都是從他們的MV認識到OK Go這四人組:大考觀眾眼力的視覺設計,配合招牌「一鏡到底」式超高難度的拍攝手法,每一個MV都讓他們成為各界熱門話題。由科技界龍頭企業、動畫師甚至布公仔都爭相與他們合作,大膽的嘗試亦證明了OK Go四子不設上限的創作力。

而透過樂隊的音樂創作中更能感受到OK Go極之合拍的創作模式,每張作品都予人耳目一新的感覺,第四張專輯《Hungry Ghosts》繼續請得新迷幻班霸Flaming Lips的御用監制Dave Fridmann (MGMT, Weezer) 及 Tony Hoffer (Beck, Phoenix, Foster The People)操刀,把OK Go充滿舞曲因子的流行搖滾發揮得淋漓盡致。即使已來到創作路上的第十五個年頭,他們滿腦子的怪主意依然沒有緩下來的跡象。

OK Go以從拍攝高難度MV練就得駕馭場面的深厚功力,加上團員間合拍多年的化學作用,使他們每場演出都像要大肆慶祝般喜氣洋洋,好玩得不得了。7月24日,切勿錯過這組現場驚喜度爆燈的OK Go!


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