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Mahalo Tiki Lounge

Mahalo Nights Presented by the Moustache Petes will be an evening like no other. Pure unadulterated vibes of Funk, Soul, R&B, House and Hip Hop that will have you movin' and groovin' the night away. Art that will inspire the mind to explore the infinite possibilities of expression and emotions. a night that shall remain engrained in your memories for all eternity. It is an evening like no other, from the booming basements of Tokyo to the the heavens skyline of Hong Kong. The Moustache Petes just want to say in advance, we thank you for the night. Mahalo Nights!!

Friday, July 31st, 2015
9pm - 3am

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Mahalo Tiki Lounge


+852 2488 8750

{][}{Your Musical and Visual Conductors}{][}

Live Artist/DJ Duo coming from Tokyo, Japan

[]{}[]THE MOUSTACHE PETES (Adonis I Saverson & Dnz)[]{}[]
(Chicago, Illions US//San Francisco, California US//Tokyo, Japan)

Local Hong Kong Guest DJ

[]{}[]DJ WRECKN-N[]{}[]
(TheGetUp!//Hong Kong)

[]{}[]Surprise Special Guest MC/Host[]{}[]

{][}{Artist Info}{][}

[x] THE MOUSTACHE PETES (DnZ & Adonis I Saverson) [x]

What makes us different is not that we are afraid to think outside the box or
toss it away all together. As non-conformist we are doing the new, and the different reinventing the way art, music, food and fashion is interpreted. As a group of unique, established artists that are willing to break out of our normal means of expression to experience and expand the infinite possibilities that is art.

{} /the_moustache_petes

[x] DnZ [x]
(Amazing Zoo Crew/ The Moustache Petes/ Music and Strength Crew)

DnZ is, amongst many things, a DJ, producer, journalist, publicist, promoter, graffiti artist, and the "World’s Tallest DJ" at 6'7". A San Francisco Bay Area native, currently residing in Tokyo, is now reaching even farther depths of the music world with his own style of music and DJing by playing his beats out live, remixing on the fly with sampling while rocking the crowd as a turntablist in the undergrounds of Japan, Asia and the States. Battling from 2002-2007 in the local as well as the DMC and ITF battle scenes as well as DJing on-air both internationally and nationally on KALX, KPFA, KSFS, KZSU, NY/NJ Radio Station WFMU, UK's
BBC1, Pirate Radio, Internet Radio Shows as well as producing/hosting/DJing for his crews own internet show Amazing Zoo Crew Radio on which is still live every Thursday, he has produced many tracks with notable artists and hosted many events in conjunction with major labels and brands. With an early start in his career, at age 13, he had his beginnings in Hip Hop with graffiti and b-boying. But it was not until after listening to a tape by Invisibl Skratch Piklz and Beat Junkies, which he said “listening to them sucked me into the whole scratch world.” Since then, being able to reproduce his beats live and keeping true to his turntablist roots by flipping doubles, juggling and adding scratches. DnZ has been making noise in the beat scene as not only a producer, but as a performer as well. Sharing stages with some of the worlds best DJ's, Producers and MC's such as Members of the Wu-Tang Clan the RZA and Ghostface Killah, The World Famous Beat Junkies DJ Babu, Rhettmatic, Melo-D, Icy Ice and J-Rocc, Members of Invisible Skratch Piklez DJ Q-Bert and Shortkut, 3x World DMC Champ DJ Kentaro, Shing02, Dibia$e, Joob, Charli2na, DJ Neil Armstrong, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Souls of Mischief, DJ Z-Trip and House Shoes to name a few. DnZ Still has the hunger, and continues striving to make it as not only one of the Bay Area’s finest DJs/Producers/Artist, but as one of the world’s.


(The Moustache Petes)

"It's a style strongly influenced by the art of classic story telling, the golden age of american cartoons, old school Japanese animation, Hip-Hop culture, and Pop and Aerosol art”...

Adonis I. Saverson is a Tokyo based Illustrator, Designer, Brand Coordinator, and Artistic Director from the windy and fast paced city of Chicago, IL.

Specializing in streetwear design, skateboard design, vinyl figure design, and branding, Saverson earned his stripes at a very young age studying under and collaborating alongside some of the industries’ most prolific and highly regarded players, ranging from tattoo artists, graffiti artists, illustrators, animators, directors, and clothing designers.

Always humble, but unwaveringly hungry Saverson is known to passionately tackle every project he’s attached to with seemingly incomparable gusto and an awe-inspiring attention to detail.

"Be humble, stay hungry"....

Portfolio/Schedule Inquiries:
Mayuko Yoshida (Manager)

+81 (0) 80-6425-4463



[x] DJ WRECKN-N [x]

Mentored by like-minded DJ's at an irregularly scheduled Hong Kong event, TheGetUp! Focus lies on golden age hip hop, funk & disco

[x] 4Get [x]

Since the dawn of 2003, 4Get has combined his experience as an artist from England and Hong Kong to create a vibe and flow understood only by the city. To 4Get, boundaries and limitations are only fictional aspects of imagination, whenever he stencils cartoon on tee or paints mural upon stairwell walls, he consistently proves his philosophy. In addition to the creation of his own characters, he also specializes in geometrical and abstract designs. His works have been featured in various media including Apply Daily, Boom Magazine, Metro Pop, Next Magazine, South China Morning Post, Cable TV and Phoenix TV. Other collaborations included participation in the “Work in Progress” Street Art Exhibition at Taikoo Place (2013, HK), Clockenflap Music Festival (2013 & 2014, HK), Secret Island Party (2013 & 2014, HK), Touring exhibition in Vietnam (2013), the first International HK/China Tattoo Convention (2013,HK), and HKwall(s) in 2014. Commission work list: Audi Convention, Boomphone, Cityofdreams, Eastpak, Missionhills Golf Club, Ovolo Hotel, Roofest and Tigercurry.

[x] Alex Wong aka Abstract Odd Fruits [x]

“ I’m a creative blip or some would say visual artist ,originally from G74 but now drifting about like clouds in the 852. As for my style of work they are usually quirky and mostly created from doodling on random surfaces”


[x] ANNY [x]

Born in Macau, this noodle-slurping, paintbrush-toting individual is currently based in Hong Kong. Anny's works, which range from the sublime to the grotesque, form a deviating and patchwork canvas. She is inspired by the sea, heroines, monsters, mystics and all the fables she grew up with.



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