VOLAR Presents 'The 11th Anniversary' w/ DJ FRESH & MESSY MC


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It's been a legendary run with no stop in sight. You've all got those memories of descending those steps into the hallowed halls to hear the best beats from around the world and dance until the sun comes up. We need to start 2016 right and there is no better time than the 11th ANNIVERSARY WITH FRESH. See you on the 21st Hong Kong!


Event: VOLAR Presents 'The 11th Anniversary' w/ DJ FRESH &
Date: 21st January Thursday 2016
Time: 10PM till late

Door Arrangement:

Before 12:00AM - Invitation Only

After 12:00AM - $300 w/ 2 drinks

At The Door:
After 12:00AM $400 w/ 2 drinks



DJ Fresh releases have continued to push this renaissance further. Pushing the sound he describes as “future jungle”, he's managed to make tracks like last year's vocal rework of his 2008 track “Gold Dust” reach out to new audiences, while keeping the rude energy of the initial 1990s explosion at their heart. A perfect example was his recent genre-defying top 5 hit ‘Earthquake, a collaboration with Diplo and Dominique Young Unique. And as the support of Zane Lowe and Annie Mac has placed his tracks at the heart of the new eclecticism, so he has begun to expand his tempo range. Inspired by newcomers like Flux Pavilion, Jack Beats and Dillon Francis, he has taken on jump-up dubstep, electro, Dutch house and even moombahton rhythms, which provided the foundations for his recent top 3 hit ‘Dibby Dibby Sound. “Now I can begin with the song and the vocal instead of the beat,” he says, “and let it take the tempo that suits it... but always keeping the energy of drum'n'bass underlying it.”

Forthcoming tracks will feature a number of vocalists and songwriting partnerships – but one in particular has proved successful. Dan's first attempts at writing with singer Sian Evans resulted in new dubstep-tempo single “Louder”, and they found working together so easy that a further six Fresh songs featuring Sian are in the can. With 2 million record sales, two number 1 singles and a further two top 5 singles to his name, he is infectiously optimistic about the next phase of his career, seeing the current climate as being “as open-minded as those very first days of rave, back in 1990 or whenever when I started to get what it was really about”. Refusing as ever to fit anyone's expectations, and always driven by that idea of diverse minds uniting under a musical banner, he's not resting on his reputation but still pushing forward – still Fresh after all these years.


Messy by name, messy by nature.. Jay, otherwise known as ‘Messy’ to his friends and cohorts has been taking charge of microphones up and down the country for the last 5 years delivering thousands of bars of profound lyrics that have kept parties alive till the break of dawn. They do say hard work always pays off and in the case of Messy, this statement couldn’t be more true.

So far his efforts have seen him perform all over the globe at some of the biggest parties in the land with every A list DJ you can think of, and probably some you cant! As a member of the ‘E-Z Rollers’ live band, he toured with Jay, Alex and Kelly promoting the ‘Conductor’ album, on which he also features. 2010 has seen him continue his rise to fame with performances in Europe and some of the UKs biggest nights: Fabric:Live, Warning, Secret Garden Party, Movement, Intrigue, Torque and more. Messy is the MC of choice for a number of imprints including Integral, Footprints, Siren, Sonorous Music, Intercom, Fabric:Live and has recently been taken on board by Drum and Bass' biggest brand Hospital Records and has been asked to perform at a number of upcoming Hospitality's.

The 2010 Drum & Bass Arena Awards is a time for not only the well established artists to be hailed as legends but for break through performers to take their rightful position in the Drum & Bass fraternity and be recognised as stars of the future; with that in mind we proudly present to you the Best Newcomer MC of 2010, Messy MC!







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