HIMALAYAN HIGH (Music + Art): Ashwin Khosa (New York), Gaby Endo (Brazil), Ocean Lam (HK)


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Purearth pres. HIMALAYAN HIGH (Music + Art) at KEE Club

We bring you a night of altitudinal inspired, organic house sounds, LIVE art and wild harvested tea-infused MIXOLOGY
plus $5000 of award winning PUREARTH signature skincare giveaways. Ashwin Khosa is in after his North American tours, along with Gaby Endo and Ocean Lam fresh off their Wonderfruit Festival sets!

Ashwin Khosa (Traum Schallplatten, Trapez | New York)
Gaby Endo (Rewind, Harmonia | Brazil)
Ocean Lam (Hypnotic, Typhoon8 Records | Hong Kong)

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ASHWIN KHOSA ================================

Ashwin Khosa is a house and techno recording artist and DJ based in Brooklyn, New York. He has performed around the world with residencies across the United States and Asia. He regularly performs alongside heavyweights such as Damian Lazarus, Sasha, Martin Buttrich, The Martinez Brothers and Guti, at prestigious venues like Verboten NY, Provocateur, Flash DC, and even global festivals like Mysteryland and Groove Fest.

His music features dynamic grooves, deep basslines and complex musicality – all bundled together by a gripping soundscape. He has many releases under his belt on various record labels including German giants Traum Schallplatten (Traum, Trapez, MBF) and also techno mainstay Sian’s (Octopus Recordings) fresh label Hydrozoa. These releases are flurried with positive feedback, support and plays from DJs around the world, including Pan-Pot, Davide Squillace, Umek, Danny Tenaglia, Paco Osuna and so on. Always hungry and always busy with shows and releases, the young and energetic Ashwin Khosa is a name to watch.


GABY ENDO ======================================

Being born and raised in Brazil while also half Japanese, DJ and model Gaby Endo isn’t shy of distinct global endeavor. With a tech and deep house blend running through her blood, the now Hong Kong residing DJ is taking Asia and its neighbors to another musical level, running her own branded parties and showcasing her devout record collection to dance floor enthusiasts. 2015 saw Gaby Endo highlight the anticipated ‘Events in China’ panel at the debuting IMS China, where her global knowledge of underground scenes has translated perfectly into Asia and beyond. Relishing in the culturally diverse territory, Gaby has whole heartedly embraced musically educated dance floors while also inviting newcomers to the tech and deep house world. As co-founder of Love&Beats and the Rewind rooftop parties in Hong Kong, there is no stopping the road ahead for Gaby, taking her signature sound to the people. Influenced by her latin roots, her tech-lined sets are full of energy, build around warm melodies, ethnic elements and rhythmics that occasionally delve into a tribal and mystical fell. Shadowing sonic influences of Luciano, DJ Koze, Matthew Dekay and Guti to name a few, the soul pleasing odyssey her club sets lure are a classy affair making her downright infectious. Music has been a powerful tool for herself and societies around her, bringing together the energy and life the positive effects of sound can inspire.

OCEAN LAM ======================================

A former resident at Yumla, Ocean Lam has moved on to start two successful and distinctly different monthly nights at the famed Bassment Bar: FoxTrot, an all-female DJ night grounded in fun vibes; and Humdrum Hong Kong as well as Hypnotic hosting international stalwarts including Ryan Elliott, Oskar Offermann, Deetron, Dirt Crew, Dave DK, Glitterbug, I-Robots, and Till von Sein, to name but a few.

Outside of her own Hong Kong events, Ocean has been the go-to choice to support other international names like Sven Vath, Jimpster, Efdemin, Namito, Luke Hess, Till von Sein, Axel Boman and Marko Furstenberg...She has had headlining slots at Hong Kong’s biggest music festival, Clockenflap, for three years running, Wonderfruit in Thailand and has been booked for corporate events for global brands such as Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. Her performances abroad in places like Berlin, Sweden, Amsterdam, Belgium & Spain... as well as her recent releases on Beatport have given the world a reason to keep an ear towards Hong Kong’s blossoming electronic underground.

Since 2010 she’s released two singles on Yumla Records, “Weirdos” and “Is All She Wants”, as well as 2013’s “Loosen Up”, released on Typhoon 8 Records. 2014 will see Ocean move on from the Humdrum collective to launch her solo event “Hypnotic”, complementing her semi-regular podcast of the same name. She is also music director for Social Room, a new underground club in HK from the Bassment crew, manage all the booking and line up.



LIMITED Early Tickets:

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