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After Flapping Party

Acid . House . Techno
Biting Eye (AU, Live Acid)
La Pausitive (FR, Techno)
Rhampton (UK, Techno)
sonOnos (NL, Live Acid)
Tribes (UK, Techno)
Lucas Luraka (P.S.C resident)
In his first live performance in Hong Kong, Dutch producer Marcus Moonan aka sonOnos will perform an exclusive live acid set alongside Australian / Hong Kong live acid stalwart Biting Eye. DJ sets from the flap performers Tribes and Rhampton (UK) and a special DJ set from Electrogene Fanfare's Hugo Muselli aka La Pausitive.

Get there before 12am to avoid the queue.
11PM til LATE
Entry $150 before midnight, $180 thereafter.
means bring your own booze (or 'drinks' for the civilised ones) we don't have any bar

Biting Eye aka Ben Bridges is an Australian DJ/producer who plays live acid techno and acid house with vintage analogue synthesizers and drum machines. Biting Eye has toured around the world for more than 15 years. He plays at music festivals and clubs to crowds as large as 60,000 people. "Biting Eye's" live performance is full of energy, with old school acid combined with harder techno and tech-house.

Ben Bridges is the founder of the TB-303 Owner's Club, which includes many famous DJs and producers from around the world. Ben is also the head of Hong Kong based Acidchicken Records. Acidchicken Records has released music from DJs and producers including USA, Germany, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, Malta, Finland, Russia, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Biting Eye has also released music on Sociopath Recordings (Taiwan), S4G Records (USA), Picpack (Ukraine), Green Ant (Australia), Cavalier Music (Australia) and Au Go Go Records (Australia).

Marcus Moonen is a Dutch musician, filmmaker and photographer. He has been producing electronic music for the last 20 years under a number of different names.

He is a self-trained producer, fluent in music studio technology, using both hard- and software, but prefers working with hardware synthesizers and drum computers.

Over the last 10 years he’s released 10 albums as free downloads on the Torrent network where they have been downloaded over 350,000 times. He’s also released a number of tracks on compilation albums.

He currently produces melodic electronic music under the name CausaliDox and electro-pop under the name Bob Knutton. He also produces film music under his own name.

His most recent project is sonOnos, which he started in 2015. sonOnos is a return to old school acid techno with a twist. He’s gone back to the roots of acid techno as it was played at illegal free parties in abandoned buildings, sometime in the late 80’s, early 90’s in the Netherlands.

A sonOnos live set can go from hypnotic techno laced with a few drops of acid to agressive full-on old school acid. Always played live, always hardware only.

The first full length sonOnos album is scheduled for release in early 2017 on Hong Kong label Acid Chicken.

Past performances:
• XtReactor Festival, NL
• Balen Festival, NL
• Zomersverlangen, The Escape, NL
• Glaxclock Nights 1, 3, 4, 5, NL
• Roos van Nijmegen, NL
• Royal Conservatory The Hague, NL
• Glaxclock Anniversary Party
• Arnhemse Meisjes, NL
• Lab13, NL
• Flexival, NL
• Spontaan Eigenwijs Amsterdam, NL
• New Year’s Eve party 2015, BE
• Opening Vspace Berlin, DE

Featured on:
• Elektroland 81 radioshow (presented by Bjorn Jeppesen of Nattefrost)
• Dave Clarke’s White Noise radioshow

• [KeMn15] CausaliDox - Autumnland, 2006
• [KeMn21] Various Artists - See You in Sanitarium, 2007
• [HLP03] CausaliDox - Electronic Music for your Mind, 2008
• [HLP04] CausaliDox - Sensory / Sleep Deprivation Sessions, 2009
• [HLP07] CausaliDox - The Oxytocin Party, 2010
• [HLP11] Bob Knutton - Talented Lazy Life, 2011
• [HLP15] CausaliDox - Helium, 2011
• [HLP17] Bob Knutton - Discarded, 2012
• [HLP21] CausaliDox - Mycelial Growth, 2012
• [HLP22] Bob Knutton - Interference, 2012
• [HLP26] Bob Knutton - Blood in the Snow, 2013
• [SmileyFriday] Various ‎– #SmileyFriday (Part 2), 2015
• [ElektroPunkz] Various - Acid Test, 2016
• [Acid Chicken] sonOnos - TBD, 2017


TRIBES and RHAMPTON from Liverpool, England have been holding techno parties in Guangzhou for the last year and a half and have regularly played in venues across South China – Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Macau and Hong Kong

In the UK they were the force behind cult favourite underground music festival HOOFER DOOFER as well as co-running the legendary REHAB parties in Liverpool alongside globetrotting artists JOHN HECKLE and BINNY.

The pair had a solid foundation in techno growing up in the Northwest of England and religiously attending clubs such as BUGGED OUT (Manchester), VOODOO (Liverpool), ATOMIC JAM (Birmingham) and ORBIT (Leeds)

Now they run the HOODOO true techno events in Guangzhou as well as the OUR HOUSE house and disco parties in pools, beaches, bars, boats, clubs and anywhere else they can think of.

As well as Guangzhou dance music, the duo are also founding members of the cross platform music publishing, label and p.r. website BLACK BEACON SOUND

The pair also co-host the new monthly techno podcast for South China, the HARDWARE SHOW on PHOENIX RADIO.


Hugo Muselli aka La Pausitive originally from France has been DJing in Hong Kong for the past three years. Seen regularly at basement and FuFu events, Hugo plays anything from Minimal Techno to Tech House and all that is in between. Hugo has also been ramping up the crowd as part of Le Groupe Electrogene Fanfare Club all over Hong Kong from pop up performances to rousing high energy performances at Secret Island Party, Happy Valley Racecourse and of course 2016 Clockenflap. Expect to dance!


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