NYE Salsa Masquerade Ball: Entry Free+2 dance lesson, Prizes


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Masked Glory and Sultry Latin Beats await you at this dress-up shindig.
Experience a night of dancing your troubles away and bring in the new year with a bang as Dance With Style plays host to a sizzling "YEAR'S EVE SALSA MASQUERADE BALL" at the stunningly gorgeous LIBERTY EXCHANGE. So get set to get your hips swaying and limbs moving from 8pm till very, very LATE on Saturday, 31st December 2016! ENTRY IS FREE
The party kicks off at 8PM to spicy latin music!
8:30pm: Learn some Cool Cuban Style Rueda De Casino (Salsa In Circle) Class for all levels.
9:00pm: Pick up some Sexy Salsa moves for all levels from beginners to advanced level. Afterward, the dance floor will be open for all you dancers, non-dancers and experienced dancers out there to dance your heart out or chill out to spicy latin mix!
Do note, this is a dress-up party and the theme for the evening is Sexy, Sassy & Mysterious party wear! Fabulous Prizes will be given to the sexiest, sassiest and most mysteriously dressed male and female attendee/social Salsa dancers! There will also be a Lucky Draw where we will giveaway some supa cool prizes later on in the night so please do not forget to bring your business/name card! Gentlemen, please refrain from wearing singlets, shorts, athletic wear and flip-flops as you will be denied entry by the club management!
So if you’re in the mood for some Spicy Salsa, Bachata, Mambo, Merengue, Reggaeton, Kizomba, Zouk and more with Int'l Latin Music DJ, Deejay Javed then be sure to pop down to LIBERTY EXCHANGE from 8pm till Very, Very Late! Expect to be moved by the hypnotic Latino rhythm and dance until your feet protest!
Our parties are very beginner friendly and we will make sure that you will enjoy the experience! Feel free to bring you friends, family, colleagues, lovers and more. So don't think too much! Just join this party - dance, drink, eat mingle, network and enjoy the night! Of course experienced dancers are always welcome as we embrace all with open arms!
If you don't wanna dance is fine too as there is no pressure to dance but do join the party with all your friends, family, colleagues and more and chill out to SPICY LATIN MUSIC with a drink or two and enjoy watching people dance as we aim to entertain every one including those who think they have two left feet!
PLEASE BUY LOTS OF DRINKS AND FOOD to support this spectacular venue as there is no door charge. If you don't drink alcohol then please buy non-alcoholic drinks but everyone who comes to this event must buy few drinks and/or food. Sumptuous food on order is available from the menu till 10PM! Please DO NOT bring outside food or drinks or water bottles into the venue!
Located 5 minutes from Central MTR Exit A. Turn RIGHT and go up the escalator and then turn LEFT and cross the foot bridge. Turn LEFT at the end of the foot bridge and you will see HSBC. Cross HSBC and walk ahead few paces and then turn RIGHT towards IFC Mall and keep looking on your RIGHT and you will find the venue.
Event Host/Deejay/Instructor: DEEJAY JAVED
Event: Co-host/Instructor: ROBSON HAYASHIDA MAGARIO
Official photographer & Videographer: DEEJAY JAVED
(Dance With Style will be clicking pictures and shooting videos during the event for promotional purposes)
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