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Helena Legend was born in UK, standing as a DJ and production powerhouse has taken her from the West Country city to Ibiza. With the foundation of classical training at the core of her innate musical abilities, her debut single ‘Girl From The Sky’ hit the No.1 spot in the Australian club charts and remained there for four weeks.

Inspired by her peers, Major Lazer and The Chainsmokers, Helena has injected a fresh aesthetic into her music, blending the sensibilities of credible pop music with the potency of the sound cultivated by Diplo and co. Her successful switch has been facilitated by her versatility.

She has rocked dance floors at festivals all over planet Earth including Tomorrowland, stereosonic and the main stages of Ultra Music Festival with growing an army of fans all over the world inspired by her work ethic, positive attitude and unforgettable music and performances. Don’t miss 7 Oct (Sat) at Club Cubic for a journey to the sky with Helena Legend.

來自英國的 Helena Legend 橫跨歐洲,於電音聖地伊維薩島擔任DJ及製作人,擁有音樂天份,加上後天扎實的音樂基礎,創作並發行首張單曲《Girl From The Sky》,並於澳洲夜店音樂排行榜連續四星期位列第一位

獲得各方青睞的她,受 Major LazerThe Chainsmokers 兩位炙手可熱的製作人啟發,於電音中注入新鮮及清新的風格,以新角度重新審視電音製作中的美學,混合流行音樂元素,由Diplo and co. 製作室作操刀單曲後製部份,使她的成就更上一層樓。

足跡遍佈全球大音樂節,包括 Tomorrowland, stereosonicUltra Music Festival 主舞台演出 。這位女DJ 製作人除了超模外型與非凡實力並重,對音樂的熱情及積極的態度,成就了一場又一場的難忘演出,感染來自世界各地的粉絲紛紛追棒。別錯過她在10月7日(週六) Club Cubic 的演出,親身感受來自Helena Legend的熱情,融化於舞池中!

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Admission/門票: $250

RSVP: +853 66384999 or

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