Miguel Migs and Tony Humphries at Pacha Macau


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Miguel Migs:

Migs emerged from the 90’s deep house underground scene to become the kind of artist who transcends the stylistic limitations of a genre so very few can. His musical journey began after picking up a guitar in his early teenage years and his first outlet was writing songs and playing in Dub/Reggae bands. Although Migs always loved and listened to all different styles of music, in the early 90’s he connected to the soulful sounds of Deep House. By the mid ’90s he began experimenting with producing electronic dance music. And by the time the new millennium dawned, a string of releases and remixes on numerous leading indie dance labels earned him an enviable reputation among discerning dance music fans worldwide.

Tony Humphries:

Tony Humphries became a New York City, US DJ in the early 1980s. He was one of the earliest proponents of house music and has been instrumental in spreading the genre on both sides of the Atlantic.
Humphries has been DJing nearly 35 years, an incredible achievement that in any other industry would have been rewarded with a carriage clock or service medal. His big break came through a chance meeting with Mastermixer Shep Pettibone at the offices of Prelude Records. Tony handed the maestro a tape and the rest is history. Humphries’ star rose as his KISS FM show (and later HOT 97) lasted for decades.

Advanced tickets: $280 MOP plus 1 drink
Door tickets: $380 MOP plus 1 drink

Miguel Migs 和 Tony Humphries在澳門「派馳」

Miguel Migs 在90年代從地下浩室圈子出道,音樂之旅始於青少年時期的一把吉他,他一出道就在Dub / Reggae樂隊中創作歌曲和演奏,雖然Miguel 喜歡接觸不同類型音樂,在2004年,Miguel Migs創立了自己的唱片公司Salted Music, 對於獨立和主要唱片公司來說並不陌生,Salted Music的創立更為個人化, Salted背後的想法是讓Miguel Migs有一個發揮前瞻思維的創意出路;基於靈魂的電子音樂,不受節奏的限制。不僅僅是為Migs自己創作的作品,Salted還是即將到來的知名藝術家的工具,他們走過他的道路並且聽到了他的耳朵。

1980年代初,Tony Humphries成為紐約市的美國DJ。他是浩室音樂最早的支持者之一,並且在大西洋兩岸傳播這種音樂類型發揮了重要作用。
Humphries擁有接近35年的DJ經驗,這是一項令人難以置信的成就,在其他行業中都曾獲得多項獎章。他的重大突破來自於在Prelude Records辦公室與Mastermixer Shep Pettibone的偶遇。Tony給大師一盤錄音帶,剩下的就是歷史。 Humphries的明星路在他的KISS FM秀(以及後來的HOT 97)後開始持續了數十年。

預售門票:澳門幣/港幣$280 包飲品一杯(截至7月21日晚上9時)
即場門票:澳門幣/港幣$380 包飲品一杯

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