Pontypalooza at The Pontiac


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We’re 3 years old at The Pontiac and there’s no better way to celebrate with you all than our annual mini festival. Pontypalooza is our 3rd Anniversary party on Saturday 25 August attracting a lineup of legendary mixologists both regionally and the world over including Micaela Piccolo (Brand Ambassador Asia Pacific - Maison Ferrand), Chris Lowder (Spirits Evangelist - Proof & Company), Zdenek Kastanek (28 Hong Kong Street), Ronan Keilthy (28 Hong Kong Street), our very own Martian - Nastasia Vera and Marian Lee behind the stick along with Beckaly Franks and our crew (The Pontiac).
The festivities kick off 5pm-1am and you can expect Saturday’s midnight special to be off the hook in usual fashion! The bar is cash only for the evening with special drink packages available.


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