Chongtalanta 2019 World Tour – Hong Kong


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Dancing Dragon Management proudly announces to bring “CHONGTALANTA World Tour 2019” to Asia, Australia, the United States, Canada and Europe. Rappers/ producers Bridge and K ELEVEN from renowned Chongqing music label GO$H, will be headlining the tour, with the aim to connect global fans by showcasing their astonishing talents.

Bridge and K ELEVEN will then arrive in Hong Kong on 10 March (Sunday) for their debut performance at Music Zone @ E-Max, KITEC. All standing tickets start from HKD280 and will go on sale at 1pm local time on 14 February (Thursday) via



Bridge is undoubtedly one of the most unique performers from China. Signed to Chongqing music label GO$H, the rising star performed his breakthrough track “Boss” at popular competition show “The Rap of China” on TV, and became No. 9 in 2017. He also participated in other major rap competitions and garnered the title as the “Champion of Chongqing”, as well as names as one of the “Top 4 Rappers” in China. Global hits include “Laoda” (老大), “Mayi” (螞蟻), “Yibai”(壹佰), “Young Bridge”, “Wu Du Li” (霧都歷), “Shi Wan Dajun” (十萬大軍), and “Qiao Jiao Laoban” (翹腳老闆). Also a fashion lover himself, Bridge is a trend setter and has more than 2.2 million social followers.


Facebook: @bridge0023

Instagram: @bridge0023

Weibo: @布瑞吉_bridge




K ELEVEN is a top producer in GO$H. With his excellent music production skills, he is definitely getting enormous attention within the industry. His music is impactful with vibrant beats. With a versatile mindset and avant-garde skills, he has carved out a sizable following globally. Popular tracks include “Tiangan Wu Zao” (天干物燥), “Young Hustler”, “Water”, “Mayi” (螞蟻), and “EVERYDAY”.


Instagram: @kkkeleven

Weibo: @K_ELEVEN




Chongqing music label GO$H was established in 2003. By bringing music producers, rappers and freestyle MCs with distinct styles together, GO$H is redefining Chinese Hip Hop music. Inspired by street culture, local dialects are expressed and amplified in the music, creating an unprecedented genre.


#Into The Cloud# was a successful domestic tour in 2017. In the same year, the label participated in the production of documentary "Chuan Yu Trap" presented by VICE China, a dominant subculture media globally. In subsequent year, GO$H started to bring artists overseas to the United States, Canada and Australia, creating powerful awareness in the global music scene.


The label also partners with top notch brands such as Durex and Monster to create commercial hits, connecting global and local brands to fans.


Artists from GO$H including Bridge, K ELEVEN, GAI, Wang Qiming (王齊銘), JO$H,Xi Jie (希介), Xiao Ai EYE(小艾EYE), WUDU MONTANA, Wang Siyao TURBO (王嗣堯TURBO), OG ROLLY, TORY, Hai Ma WAVE$ (海馬 WAVE$), JOHN$, Xiao Yu (小雨) and Cnen Yanxi REGI (陳彥希REGI).


Facebook / Instagram: @goshmusicofficial

Weibo: @gosh_music


Chongtalanta 2019 World Tour – Hong Kong

Date: 10 March 2019 (Sunday)

Time: 7pm - 8pm

Venue: Music Zone @ E-Max, KITEC


Ticket prices: All standing

Early Bird: HKD280

Advance: HKD380

(+ Booking fee)




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