YourMum & Eaton HK presents: Mndsgn, live in Hong Kong


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YourMum & Eaton HK presents: Mndsgn, live in Hong Kong

YourMum & Eaton HK is delighted to announce that Mndsgn (pronounced Mind Design) will make his local Hong Kong debut on March 21 at Eaton HK.


Born Ringgo Ancheta, Mndsgn’s parents were members of the Philippine arm of the Aum Supreme Truth Cult, whose venture into terrorist activity caused them to flee the group in the late 1980s. They were granted political asylum in the U.S. and settled in rural New Jersey. There Ancheta was raised with Gospel music at church, B-Boy culture, and his older sisters’ favorite 90s R&B artists.


Experimenting with beat-making in his teen years, he befriended fellow Stones Throw label-mate Knxwledge and the two formed the influential Klipmode collective. Mndsgn's music flourished when he moved to Los Angeles, quickly catching the attention of Low End Theory as well as Stones Throw, who released ‘Yawn Zen’ in 2014 - a LP of complex, introspective beat creations punctuated by intriguing vocal cuts.


Mndsgn then toured the globe, co-found Akashik Records & Tapes, and provided the beat for "Sweeny Song", a high-profile collaboration with underground rap superstar Danny Brown. Mndsgn followed up with his sophomore LP ‘Body Wash’ in 2016 which was proclaimed one of the best electronic albums of the year by Pitchfork media. In 2018, he released ‘Snax’ - a new mix-tape album, as well as producing legendary funk artist Prophet’s ‘Wanna Be Your Man’. 


This March, HK fans have the chance to see this innovative producer perform in the city for the first time, in the lovely surrounds of Eaton HK. Tickets are limited, don’t delay!


YourMum & Eaton HK presents: 


+ DJ Kota (Stones Throw Asia)

Date: March 21, 2019 (Thu)

Venue: Eaton HK (4/F)

Tickets: HKD280 from


YourMum 及Eaton HK 呈獻: Hip-hop Electronic 新貴Mndsgn

3 ⽉21 號將⾸度來港演出

YourMum 及Eaton HK 將為香港樂迷帶來Hip-hop Electronic 新貴 Mndsgn(讀音為Mind Design)的首次香港演出,3 月21 日,Eaton HK。


原名Ringgo Ancheta 的Mndsgn 是一位美國菲律賓裔的Hip-hop 製作人,他的背景特殊,父母曾為奧姆真理教菲律賓分支的成員(組織於1995 年策動震驚全球的日本東京地鐵沙林毒氣襲擊),1980 年代未該組織開始偏向恐怖主義時,Mndsgn 的父母便決定脫離,逃亡至美國尋求政治庇護,並於美國新澤西州定居。Ancheta 成長期間深受教會的福音音樂、B-Boy 文化及他姊姊喜歡的90 年R&B 音樂人影響。


後來Mndsgn 開始嘗試不同的beat-making,並因緣際會認識了著名唱片品牌Stones Throw 的音樂人Knxwledge,兩人一拍即合組成Klipmode collective。Mndsgn 的事業從他移居洛杉磯後開始真正起飛,憑藉其才華,他很快就受到著名音樂場地Low End Theory 賞識,更被Stones Throw Record 簽約旗下,於2014 年發表大碟《Yawn Zen》。專輯以內省昏沉的節拍加入獨特奇異的歌聲,立刻吸引樂迷的注意。


Mndsgn 繼而展開世界巡演、創立了Akashik Records & Tapes、也參與了underground rap 超級巨星Danny Brown的製作。他2016 年出版的專輯《Body Wash》更被權威音樂媒體Pitchfork Media 選為該年度最出色的電子專輯之一。2018 年Mndsgn 再接再厲,發表《Snax》專輯,並著作了傳奇funk 音樂人Prophet 睽違多年的專輯《Wanna Be Your Man》。


Mndsgn 的音樂甚有點只可意會不可言喻的韻味,時而迷幻時而groovy,兼具lo-fi

的粗獷美學和爵士音樂的大氣,不同元素及質感渾然天成,3 月21 號,將於香港帶來



YourMum 及Eaton HK 呈獻:


+ DJ Kota (Stones Throw Asia)


場地: Eaton HK (4/F)

⾨票: 港幣 280 元現正於 公開發售


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