• When: Thu 28 Mar 2019 - Sun 31 Mar 2019 
  • Where: Eaton HK  
  • Category: Special
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Thursday 28th March

In an age of technological overreach, Dreamrave interrogates the intersection of the digital and physical via collective dreaming. New media artist Adrian Yu and Ian Glover, with sound artist Danny L Harle will create an immersive transmedia installation at Eaton HK’s Music Venue Terrible Baby.

The connected digital and physical experience will operate in the manner of a dream and will be split over five acts to reflect the four stages of sleep, culminating nightly in REM, when dreams are most vivid.


Queer Performances & Screenings

Friday 29th March, 9pm-11.30pm

On 29th March, guests can look forward to an evening o f p e r f o r m a n c e s , presentations, screenings and music under the title Unbothered, Moisturized,In my lane, Well-hydrated, Flourishing: a call to arms by Cardi B, the unlikely feminist hero in today’s neo- l iberal dystopian world. 

Following her cry, we remain unbothered by the falsi t ies and r idicul e spewed by our politicians o n th e g l oba l s t age. Instead we stand united in o u r l a n e s , i n t h e intersectional fight for all humans who continue to suffer from the aftermath of patriarchal colonial imperialist expansion. We cho os e t o Que er the borders and boundaries that prevent the flow of people in need. We will flourish alongside the flora and fauna that continue to fight against the pollution of our planet.

Heeding the advice of Cardi B, Eaton HK invites guests to join in being Unbothered + Moisturized.


Performance & DJ 

Friday 29th March

- Sagg Napoli : Terrible Baby on Friday March 29

- Zoë Marden : Terrible Baby on Friday March 29

- Yaya Bones : during Unbothered + Moisturized on Friday March 29 at Eaton Hk


NuShu Workshop

Friday March 29th, 4pm - 7:30pm

Asian Eyez - Lhaga Koondhor is a cultural provocateur of sorts. Having provided creative consultation for large corporate companies, galleries and fashion labels as well as smaller independent brands and labels. Growing up in Switzerland as part of the Swiss Tibetan diaspora, her multiple points of reference helped her shape her specific approach to culture, displacement, identity and inclusion. Khoondhor managed Zurich underground nightlife fixture Longstreet Bar from 2010 to 2016.She is CoFounder and curator of NuShu ⼥女女术.

Amber Akilla - Amber Akilla is an Australian born, Shanghai based creative and DJ. Growing up as a musician, jazz singer and artist, she began DJing as a creative outlet while completing law school. Her diverse music taste and eclectic sets range from hip-hop to k-pop and experimental dance music, Amber has supported for artists including A$AP NAST, Rae Sremmurd, Desiigner, Brodinski, Mykki Blanco, Tokimonsta and Venus X.Amber is co-founder of “NÜSHÙ ⼥女女术”, an ngoing DJ workshop and event series focused on inclusive spaces for femme, femme-identifying, non-binary, and LGBTQI individuals.



About Eaton Workshop

Founded by Hong Kong native Katherine Lo, Eaton Workshop is the first global brand merging hospitality with progressive social change. Eaton Workshop opened doors to its Hong Kong hotel location in fall 2018, following a thoughtful series of arts, music, and cultural pre-opening events. Designed by internationally-renowned design and concept firm, AvroKO, Eaton HK was inspired by the gritty, retro nostalgia of its Kowloon neighborhood, Jordan. Its presence in the community brings an entirely unique concept to the Hong Kong and international market— serving as a gathering place and an incubator for those who wish to explore and express the freedom of ideas for the betterment of global social change. The property, from its distinct design to its diverse culinary offerings and cultural programming agenda, reflects a dynamic collision between postcolonial east and global youth culture.


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