Clockenflap Presents: The Jesus and Mary Chain



Formed in East Kilbride Scotland in 1983 around the writing partnership of brothers William and Jim Reid, the duo moved to London before Bobbie Gillespie (Primal Scream) joined on drums and they attracted the attentions of original manager Alan McGee (Creation Records).

Quickly earning a riotous reputation on stage, their seminal 1985 debut album ‘Psychocandy’ would go on to change the course of popular music, channeling the sneering angst and noise distortion of their live shows into hypnotic sweet melodies layered with dark lyrics that would beguile and bewilder. It is a sound which developed across albums ‘Darklands’ (1987), ‘Automatic’ (1989) and ‘Honey’s Dead’ (1992).

By 1994 the album ‘Stoned & Dethroned’ was released with the single ‘Sometimes Always’ featuring Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval giving the band a bonafide commercial hit. Four years on and ‘Munki’ dropped in 1998, released by Seattle’s Sub Pop (original home of Nirvana, who were huge fans of the band.)


A succession of well documented break ups, fueled by brotherly love and internal tensions followed, as William took up residence in Los Angeles and Jim returned to the UK. The brothers came together in 2007 to perform at Coachella Music Festival, to be joined on stage by Scarlett Johansson, for their “Just Like Honey” hit (as featured in ‘Lost In Translation’), before fans were finally treated to new JAMC LP ‘Damage and Joy’ produced by Youth and released in March 2017.


Clockenflap Presents: The Jesus and Mary Chain

Date: 28 May 2019

Venue: KITEC @Music Zone

Ticket: $540



Tickets go on sale at 10am from Ticketflap


「Clockenflap Presents」第二擊!夢幻的、躁動的、青蔥的、孤獨寂寥的和纏繞撩人的— 全部濃縮在吉他的噪音和高築的音牆裡,這就是 The Jesus and Mary Chain。5 月28日,Clockenflap Presents 將為香港觀眾帶來罕有的The Jesus and Mary Chain 私密演出,5 月28 日,九龍灣國際展貿中心Music Zone 。

樂隊成立在1983 年的蘇格蘭,William 和 Jim Reid 兩兄弟也是親密無間的創作夥伴,後來更加入了Bobby Gillespie(Primal Scream)作為鼓手並前往倫敦尋找機會。因緣際會受到大名鼎鼎音樂廠牌Creation Records 的傳奇主腦Alan McGee 賞析。

他們很快就因為充滿能量的狂傲現場累積名聲和樂迷,而1985 年出版的首張專輯《Psychocandy》面世,平地一聲雷。後來那些愛情分離的心碎,兄弟間的分歧和樂隊內的磨擦使樂隊分道揚鑣,沈寂並一度宣佈解散。直到2007 年,他們聚首重生,更於美國Coachella 音樂節與電影女主角Scarlett Johansson,合唱因該電影而深受大眾喜愛的單曲。2017 年樂迷望穿秋水終於等到他們時隔10 年的新專輯《Damage and Joy》。


Clockenflap Presents: The Jesus and Mary Chain

日期: 5月28日

場地:九龍灣國際展貿中心Music Zone

門票:港幣540 元正



門票於2019 年4 月10 日早上10時正公開發售,門票數量有限,萬勿錯過!


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