Clockenflap presents: Yo La Tengo



Following their 2016 performance at the festival, Clockenflap presents is thrilled to welcome back alternative indie royalty, Yo La Tengo, for their own headline show at TTN on July 10th.

With a repertoire that spans art-rock screamers, expansive electronic vistas and solemn ballads, indie legends Yo La Tengo are as popular with the critics as they are with their legions of loyal fans around the world. With a 15-album back catalogue that takes in a dizzying range of musical styles, the band have managed to remain inherently original and proudly alternative throughout their 30-year-plus history. Pivotal to maintaining a huge cult following down the years have been their mesmerising live shows, which treat audiences to unrestrained experimentation and seamless segues from euphoria to melancholy.

Catch these acclaimed indie heroes in a live club environment that best suits their sound. Tickets are on sale now!


Clockenflap presents: Yo La Tengo

Date & Time: 10 July 2019

Venue: This Town Need

Tickets: HK$490



繼2016 年Yo La Tengo 首次於Clockenflap 音樂節表演後,今年全新現場表演活動品牌Clockenflap Presents 系列演出將為香港觀眾於7 月10 日TTN 帶來Yo La Tengo 的專場。

美國獨立搖滾音樂的中流砥柱Yo La Tengo,創作力不斷由抒情、電幻、噪音到爵士等不同曲風都駕輕就熟。深受專業樂評推崇的他們在世界各地擁有無數忠實樂迷。過去30 年一路走來製作了15 張專輯,輕鬆駕馭不同曲風,無論是art-rock 的唯美躁動、廣闊壯麗的電子音色還是深邃的情歌,通通都極具原創性。他們的現場表演充滿感染力令人著迷,樂迷在Yo La Tengo 無拘無束實驗多變的演出中可以感受情緒的跌宕起伏,時而興奮高漲時而黯然神傷, 絕對是不能錯過的專場。門票現正公開發售。


 Clockenflap presents: Yo La Tengo

 日期: 2019年7月10日

場地: This Town Need

門票: 港幣 490 元正



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