Clockenflap Presents X Eaton HK: Jakob Ogawa


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Just as with the festival, the Clockenflap Presents series will celebrate established artists as well as showcasing new, up and coming talent. Acts we think are doing interesting things, and ones we can give a platform to here in Hong Kong with the aim of promoting more great music in the city. Step forward Jakob Ogawa, and his lo-fi bedroom pop, which straddles the line between ebulliently warm and achingly heartbreaking. He and his band will play Eaton’s Terrible Baby on May 16 and is well worth checking out.

Born in Trondheim and based in Oslo, Jakob Ogawa is a Norwegian singer and songwriter whose soft, smooth vocals top off his chillout indie pop. With a combination of jazzy chords, steel drum sounds, and bubbly synths, Ogawa has quickly become a tastemaker’s favourite with a slew of releases including a duet with fellow lo-fi singer/songwriter Clairo.

Backed by his full band, the group make a one-night-only stop in Hong Kong as part of his Teen Angel tour. So, check out his music online, come take a chance on a new artist live and catch them first with us. Tickets are on sale now!



Tickets: $280 from


香港全新現場表演活動品牌「Clockenflap Presents」 一如同品牌旗下的Clockenflap 音樂節,除了為樂迷帶來萬眾期待的傳奇大神,亦不遺餘力向觀眾介紹備受矚目的火熱超級新星。「Clockenflap Presents」系列演出希望匯集有趣的演出單位,不但讓樂迷可以全年無間斷地去發掘,也提供更多平台展現有趣的音樂。例如5 月16 日於Eaton HK Terrible Baby 表演的Jakob Ogawa,音樂裡lo-fi 的質感及近年大熱的Bedroom Pop 氛圍,時而洋溢熱情溫暖,時而讓人心碎神傷,絕對值得大家的注意力。

來自挪威的Jakob Ogawa,作為一名唱作歌手,他擁有非常靈敏的創作觸覺,柔和的嗓音與他從容自在的獨立流行音樂互相配合。無拘無束的爵士和弦、鋼直有力的鼓聲和甜美如泡泡糖般的合成器碰撞,Ogawa 迅速成為了潮流先驅們的心頭好,更與lofi唱作歌手Clairo 合唱。作為他Teen Angel 巡演的其中一站,Jakob Ogawa 將和他的樂隊於香港作全陣容演出。只此一晚,門票現已公開發售。


門票: 港幣280 元正


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