FRITES’ “SURF & TURF TUESDAYS”to sweep Monday groom 

FRITES is pleased to announce the introduction of a new promotion every Tuesday night. With delicious tastes from both sea and land “SURF & TURF TUESDAYS” offer Whole Canadian Thermidor Lobster and 8oz 1855 USDA Black Angus Striploin served with Poutine Frites for just $295 (original price was $590). The promotions starts from the 16th April 2019 and runs from 6pm – late every Tuesday night.

FRITES has created the perfect atmosphere for sharing hearty portions of great food, great brews and great conversations with family and friends, and Mother’s Day will be no exception!  The European influenced menu, which consists of authentic favourites such as Frites, Mussel Pots and Roasted Pork Knuckle, to name a few, has something for everyone in the family. The fresh, juicy mussels quite possibly steal the limelight and are available in six different flavours! For the youngest members of the family the FRITES kid’s menu, featuring mini portions of their delicious fare, such as, Fish n’ Chips, Schnits n’ Strips and Mini Burgers might be the way to go.

Along with the usual kid’s areas that are set up on weekends, FRITES will also have craft available all day so kids can amuse themselves while making something special for their mums.

FRITES is located in Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, and Quarry Bay. The success of these events deems it ESSENTIAL to book early to secure a table.

For details:


比利時啤酒屋FRITES 呈獻「週二奢華海陸大餐SURF & TURF」 

當大家正抱怨MONDAY BLUE的時候, 比利時啤酒屋FRITES由即日起逢週二推出「週二奢華海陸大餐 SURF & TURF」, 優惠價為$295 (原價$590),為您掃走悶氣,讓您充滿正能量地迎接全個星期的繁忙生活。

被譽為歐美傳統奢華主菜之一的 SURF & TURF 將海鮮及紅肉兩種食材合拼。「週二奢華海陸大餐SURF & TURF」就包括了 奢華法式焗原隻加拿大龍蝦 及 香煎 8安士優質美國USDA 1855 黑安格斯西冷。配上令人垂涎三尺的肉汁芝士薯條,真的吃盡海陸!

比利時啤酒屋FRITES 洋溢舒適自在的氛圍,挑高的天花板,木製餐桌及精緻的彩繪玻璃窗,在仿照著1920年代比利時傳統啤酒屋的裝潢設計之下,讓人放鬆心情,享受歐洲傳統美饌。經典名菜包括正宗的比利時薯條、鮮味十足的青口鍋、肉汁豐富的豬手、熱騰騰的牛排拼肉腸及炸魚薯條。當中青口鍋更是FRITES的主打人氣菜色。餐廳亦特設兒童菜單,提供多款份量適中的歐洲美饌,包括迷你漢堡、迷你炸魚薯條、炸肉扒配薯條、肉腸配薯蓉及肉醬意粉。小朋友可在假日時設立的「兒童天地」盡情玩樂,扮演顧客、收銀員、洗碗員及咖啡師。父母可放鬆心情享用各式美饌,感受餐廳舒逸氣氛。




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