Clockenflap Presents: Yaeji, Live in HK


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Clockenflap Presents: Yaeji, live in HK

Rising electronic avant-pop singer/producer’s local debut


For fans of: Mall Grab, Kaytranada, SOPHIE, Tokimonsta


Clockenflap Presents is delighted to announce that NY-based singer, producer and DJ – Yaeji – will make her Hong Kong debut with us at TTN on July 23. Yaeji’s music is an invitation into an intimate, healing, world exploring cultural identity and self-reflection through dreamlike house productions that morph from whispery confessionals to dancefloor burners, and makes quite simply for a party unlike no other.


Born in Queens, NY to South Korean parents, Yaeji repatriated to Seoul shortly after, where she spent her formative years attending school, learning Korean and English side-by-side. Yaeji returned to America to study at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and made a home for herself at the college radio station, where she was introduced to the local underground electronic music community and seminal club nights like Hot Mass, all formative experiences leading to her fascination with dance music production. With her fully-fledged music obsession in tow, Yaeji moved back to her birth city after graduation and began cultivating her own community of artists and DJs in Brooklyn’s local dance scene while recording music of her own. Yaeji’s first musical offering, her self-titled Yaeji EP, found the producer merging her club influences with songwriting and hazy raps flitting between Korean and English. Her follow up EP2, featuring singles “Drink I’m Sippin On” and “Raingurl” along with 2018’s “One More” have accelerated Yaeji’s presence in the global spectrum as a singular and leading voice in dance, hip-hop and avant-pop music.


Hong Kong fans now have the opportunity to catch one of the most exciting electronic talents as part of her 2019 Asia tour. Tickets go on sale at 12 noon on March 28 from first come first served.  Don’t delay, it’s going to be another busy one!


Show Details:

Clockenflap Presents: Yaeji

Date: 23 July

Time: 19:30 pm

Venue: TTN

Ticket price: HKD 420

Tickets on sale: 12pm March 28 from  



Clockenflap Presents: Yaeji香港首演

紐約大紅製作人  Electronic Avant-pop女聲


Clockenflap Presents 將於7月23日,TTN帶來紐約大熱製作人,爆紅迷幻女聲Yaeji的香港首次個人演唱會。私密的呢喃、洗腦的House音樂底蘊、英韓語交錯共同建構屬於Yaeji迷人的音樂氛圍及獨一無二的文化多元。接近耳語的歌聲、細碎的節拍,Yaeji的音樂是內向多愁善感樂迷們,渴望已久的舞池主題曲。


美國韓裔的 Yaeji成長背景非常國際化,生於紐約的皇后區後不久就隨南韓裔父母搬回首爾上學,同時學習英語和韓語。在韓國渡過了青春的時期後,她回到美國,於賓夕法尼亞州的卡內基美隆大學攻讀並積極參與校內的電台廣播。由此,她認識到當地的地下電子音樂社群及有名的 club night 如Hot Mass 等等,這些都成為Yaeji創作電子音樂的重要養分。


帶著對音樂的熱情及漸趨成熟的技巧,Yaeji畢業後回到自己的出身地,一邊累積屬於自己的音樂族群,聚集布魯克林電子音樂圈的音樂人;一邊錄製自己音樂作品。Yaeji首張同名EP已經極具個人特色,一方面受舞曲影響,另一方面於英語和韓語兩種語言間自由轉換,迷濛地喃喃說唱。她的第二張EP《EP2》收錄大熱單曲包括< Drink I’m Sippin On>、< Raingurl>及< One More>等,讓Yaeji迅速成為全球音樂圈炙手可熱的名字,吸引橫跨跳舞、Hip-hop及avant-pop等不同音樂類別樂迷的注意。


Yaeji以脆弱得近乎一捏就碎的歌聲,唱著孤獨的主題,香港的觀眾不可以錯過她的首個香港演出,看她如何輕盈地表達強烈的感情。Yaeji亞洲巡演香港站,  正式發售,門票有限,先到先得,售完即止。



Clockenflap Presents:Yaeji




門票港幣420元正於3月28日中午12時 正式發售


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