Clockenflap Presents: Alvvays


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Magnetic Asia is delighted to announce a new, regular series of live shows delivered under the banner of “Clockenflap Presents”. Clockenflap Presents will be a year-round series of events featuring the finest local, regional and international talent, leading up to the Clockenflap music & arts festival in November.


Just as with the festival, the Clockenflap Presents series will feature artists from across genres, providing music lovers the opportunity for year round music discovery as well as a platform for building artist careers in the city, alongside the festival play.


To that end, we’re thrilled to share that Alvvays are the first act we are announcing with the new Clockenflap Presents series.


The Canadian indie champs wowed audiences at Clockenflap 2018, and will be returning to the city to play a headline show at TTN on July 24. The perfect setting to catch their glorious, alternative guitar pop.


Tickets go on sale now from


Show Details:

Clockenflap Presents: Alvvays

Date: 24 July

Venue: TTN

Ticket price: HKD470 

Tickets on sale now from


Magnetic Asia 非常興奮地宣布全新現場表演活動品牌「Clockenflap Presents」。「Clockenflap Presents」將匯集本地、亞洲及國際的音樂人才,並於每年11月Clockenflap音樂及藝術節的年度大型狂歡前,為觀眾帶來全年無休的精彩活動。


如Clockenflap音樂節一樣,「Clockenflap Presents」系列演出將匯聚不同風格的音樂,不但讓樂迷可以全年無間斷地去發掘,也提供更多平台予城市裡的音樂人去發展他們的事業。


為此,我們宣布Alvvays將成為全新「Clockenflap Presents」系列演出的首個音樂會。


來自加拿大的Alvvays憑藉銷魂的吉他及女主唱甜美的歌聲使一眾Clockenflap 音樂節2018的觀眾驚豔。他們將於2019年7月24日回歸香港,於TTN舉行首個專場音樂會。迷魂夢幻的演出,絕對不容錯過。


門票現於 正式發售。


演出資料Show Details:

Clockenflap Presents: Alvvays

日期: 2019年7月24日24 

場地: TTN

票價: 港幣470元正 

門票現於 正式發售。



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