Clockenflap Presents: American Football


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Clockenflap Presents: American Football


For fans of: Slint, The Promise Ring, Toe, This Town Needs Guns


The Clockenflap Presents series continues as we welcome emo math rock wonders American Football for their long-awaited debut HK performance at TTN on August 1. What’s more, Chinese Football will be opening the evening. Perfect.


Mike Kinsella, Steve Lamos and Steve Holmes formed American Football in Urbana, Illinois and with their landmark self-titled debut album in 1999, set the seminal standard for the emo post rock world to follow. They then split up pretty much on release, leaving a generation of fans yearning for more.


Fast forward fifteen years, and the group reunited, now as a four piece with Nate Kinsella joining the fold. They played far larger shows than in their original incarnation and recorded their long-anticipated second album, 2016’s American Football (LP2). The release was widely praised by fans and critics alike, but the band members still felt like their best work was yet to come.  Enter LP3 just released in March 2019 - a body of work that is bold, contemplative, rich and as expressive as fans have come to cherish with American Football and marked them out as a band reformed that has truly augmented rather than tainted their musical legacy.


Finally, local fans will be able to experience the joy of American Football themselves in person as they play their first ever show in the territory. Tickets go on sale April 16 at 10am, first come first served. We’re expecting these to move quickly, so do plan ahead and buy early to avoid disappointment!


Show info:

Clockenflap Presents:

American Football

+ Chinese Football

August 1


Tickets: $390 from 

On sale 10am April 16



Clockenflap Presents: American Football


「Clockenflap Presents」系列演出再接再厲,今年8月1日於TTN將帶來許多樂迷翹首以待多年的美國Emo Math Rock樂隊American Football的香港首演。更找來武漢獨立搖滾樂隊Chinese Football作暖場嘉賓,非常完滿!


Mike Kinsella、Steve Lamos及Steve Holmes於伊利諾州成立American Foorball,而樂隊的歷史頗具傳奇性。1999年他們出版了極具標誌性的首張同名專輯《American Football》,並為Emo Post Rock 音樂風格設下開創性的高標準。不過翌年他們便告解散,令樂迷扼腕並渴求有機會再聽到更多他們的音樂。


然後15年過去,這支「傳說中」的樂隊重組並加入了Nate Kinsella,不但於比以往更大的場館面對更多的觀眾表演,亦正式錄製他們備受期待的第二張專輯,《American Football LP2》(2016)。該專輯無論是樂迷及專業音樂評論都讚譽有加,但樂隊仍覺得他們最好的作品尚未面世。而今年,他們發布第三張專輯《LP3》 –一系列大膽創新,讓人靜止沈思的作品出爐。這張豐富蘊而含情感的專輯再次證明American Football並不滿足於活在他們過去的成就裡,他們一直在進化一直發放更多的創作能量,這種不止步勇往直前的精力,也是樂迷對他們愛惜有加的原因。






Clockenflap Presents:

American Football +  Chinese Football



門票: 港幣390元正 

門票將於4月16日早上10點正 公開發售


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