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As a trendsetter in Asia’s entertainment landscape, MGM stages the unconventional FUERZA BRUTA WAYRA at MGM Theater, the immersive theater party experience that has swept across the globe. Arguably one of the world’s craziest theater show, this Argentine theatrics is an extraordinary, three-dimensional standing show pumping your adrenaline, stimulating your senses and electrifying your body every second. 

美高梅作為引領亞洲進入嶄新娛樂時代的先驅,今個盛夏把美高梅劇院化身成為非常舞台,讓觀眾站立在三維空間,全方位參與可能是世界上最瘋狂的劇場派對體驗——震驚感官的阿根廷極限表演「FUERZA BRUTA WAYRA」,喚醒全身各個細胞一同狂歡,將肢體意識投入忘我境界。

For the first time in Macau, FUERZA BRUTA WAYRA unwraps the outside-the-box theater and party surprises at MGM Theater. The standing show redefines the show rules with no rigid stage or seating arrangement. Audience are at the center stage of the show – just interact with performers!  Wherever you are in the theater, you are fully submerged in the 360-degree view and surrounded by shocking waves of the theater’s mind-blowing visual effects and lighting. FUERZA BRUTA WAYRA MACAU is a footloose sensory journey. Speak loudly. Run wildly. Take videos casually. Snap selfies smoothly. Be ready to welcome performers come out of nowhere and from all directions, or react to unexpected scenes.

美高梅劇院為澳門引入首個劇場派對體驗「FUERZA BRUTA  WAYRA」,將劇場與派對元素共冶一爐,打破舞台與觀眾的界限,讓觀眾與表演者盡情互動,將觀眾成為表演的一部分。無論走到劇場任何角落,都能感受到360度零死角沉浸式表演,無限放大觀賞角度。而劇院的先進燈光、視覺及音響效果令整個演出更震撼傳神,打造出終極感觀體驗。美高梅劇院這次一反傳統,讓觀眾能「無示常規」站立欣賞演出,更歡迎在劇院內大聲說話、自由走動、隨意錄影、無限自拍,更要隨時迎接突如其來從四方八面蜂擁而至的表演者及出人意表的場景。

Toured to 27 countries worldwide, over 2.5 million of audience have already been indulged in the off-the-chart sensory feast presented by FUERZA BRUTA. Meaning “brute force” in Spanish, FUERZA BRUTA is a postmodern theater show originated from Argentina. The show was debuted in 2005 at Buenos Aires with an overwhelming applause, and it has been running Off-Broadway in New York since 2007.

「FUERZA BRUTA」先後在全球27個國家上演,超過250萬觀眾親歷這場驚喜不斷的超級感官盛宴。這個源自阿根廷的後現代戲劇表演,西班牙原文意指「原力」,2005年在布宜諾斯艾利斯首度公演,大獲好評;2007年起成為紐約外百老匯音樂劇演出。



Date: June 14 – August 4

Time: Wednesdays to Fridays – 8:30 p.m. | Saturdays and Sundays – 5 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Venue: MGM Theater at MGM COTAI, Avenida da Nave Desportiva, COTAI, Macau


Price: MOP/HKD 488 (standing only)

*Audience must be over 13 years old.


Ticketing Hotline:

Macau: (853) 8802 3833 (24 hours) 

Hong Kong: (001 800) 8802 1888 / (006 800) 8802 1888

China: 4001 201 188

Taiwan: (00800) 8802 1888


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