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Korean singer KIM JAE HWAN is going to meet his WIN:D (his official fanclub name) in Hong Kong!

韓國男歌手金在奐即將來香港見各位WIN:D (金在奐的粉絲名稱)了。


UnUsUal Entertainment Pte Ltd has just announced that 2019 KIM JAE HWAN FANMEETING [MIN:D] in HONG KONG will be held on Tuesday, 30th July 2019 at Star Hall, KITEC. Tickets priced at HKD 1688/1488/1088/688, will go on public sale starting Friday, 31 May 2019 onwards via HK Ticketing. All ticketholders are entitled to join the Hi-Touch session. All $1,688 ticketholders are entitled to join the Group Photo session with KIM JAE HWAN. All $1,488 ticketholders stand a chance to win either KIM JAE HWAN’s autographed poster or autographed CD.

飛凡娛樂有限公司宣佈將於2019年7月30日假九龍灣國際展貿中心匯星舉行 。票價分別為港幣$1,688、$1,488、$1,088及$688,將於 2019年 5月31日(星期五)經由快達票作公開發售。凡購票的觀眾均可參與擊掌會,而購買港幣$1,688門票的觀眾可分組與金在奐影團體合照,而購買港幣$1,488門票的觀眾則有機會獲取金在奐親筆簽名海報或唱片。



Korean singer KIM JAE HWAN participated in the audition reality program Produce 101 Season 2 in early 2017 and successfully got the 4th place, which made him become a member of Wanna One. The group had their debut on 7 August 2017 and they had already completed all their promotion activities on 31 December 2018. KIM JAE HWAN then debuted as a solo singer and his first mini album Another was released on 20 May 2019. The teaser of the title song “Begin Again” was revealed recently which attracted lots of attention from his fans.

韓國男歌手金在奐於2017年初參加生存選拔節目《PRODUCE 101 第二季》,成功突圍而出,以第4名的佳績成為限定團體Wanna One的其中一員,在同年8月7日正式出道。Wanna One的活動於去年12月31日結束後,金在奐轉以個人歌手身份出道。他於5月20日推出第一張個人迷你專輯《Another》,主打歌〈Begin Again〉的預告片推出後,吸引了無數粉絲的關注。



KIM JAE HWAN, being the main vocalist of the well-known idol group Wanna One, is talented with well-trained singing techniques and a powerful voice. Fans claimed and recognized him as a powerful singer with innocent appearance but a wild voice. Recently, he made a special appearance on a music variety program Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend. He got a winning streak of 3 times and was the final winner in the 400th episode. He performed “I Believe” and got critically acclaimed by Shin Seung Hun, who is the original singer of the song. Shin honestly expressed, “among the different versions of “I Believe” covers, KIM JAE HWAN did it amazingly well with his unique arrangement of guitar accompaniment.” 

作為Wanna One主唱的金在,唱功了得,高音穩而有力,粉絲都盛讚他是擁有純真的面孔,放蕩的音色。最近他出演了韓國音樂綜藝節目不朽的名曲:傳說在歌唱》,取得三連勝,並勇奪第400集的最終優勝。其中他所演繹的〈I Believe〉更獲得原唱歌手申昇勳稱讚,直言:「有很多後輩歌手翻唱過〈I Believe〉,但是金在奐以自己的方式彈結他演繹,真的很棒!」


KIM JAE HWAN is hoping to meet his WIN:D in different regions and is kicking off his tour with two shows on 26th May at Jamsil Arena in Korea. All tickets of both shows were sold out in seconds on tickets open day. He will then bring his tour to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. It would be a great opportunity for his Hong Kong WIN:D to enjoy KIM JAE HWAN’s performance and also his new songs live in Hong Kong!




Date: Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Time: 8pm

Venue: KITEC Star Hall

Tickets: HKD1,688* / 1,488** / 1,088 / 688 (ALL SEATED)

All ticketholders are entitled to join the Hi-Touch session.


*All $1,688 ticketholders are entitled to join the Group Photo session with KIM JAE HWAN (20 pax per group).

**All $1,488 ticketholders stand a chance to win one of the following items:

- autographed poster of KIM JAE HWAN (limited quota: 100) or

- autographed CD of KIM JAE HWAN (limited quota: 10)

Details of the lucky draw will be announced one week prior to the show via UnUsUaL’s social media platforms.

Tickets on sale from 10am Friday, 31 May 2019 via HK Ticketing (HK Ticketing's Venue Box Offices, D•Park, K11 Select & Tom Lee Music Stores)




日期: 2019年7月30日(星期二)

時間: 晚上8時

地點: 九龍灣國際展貿中心匯星

門票: 港幣$1,688*/ $1,488**/ $1,088 / $688(全場座位) 



*凡購買$1,688 門票的觀眾將可與金在奐影團體合照 (20人一組)。

**凡購買$1,488 門票的觀眾將有機會獲取

- 金在奐親筆簽名海報(共100名)

- 金在奐親筆簽名唱片 (共10名)


門票將於2019年5月31日(星期五)上午10時,於快達票 (包括快達票票房、D•Park愉景新城、K11 Select及通利琴行) 公開發售。




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