Chateh Celebrating Father’s Day with ‘Master’ Chiu Chow-style Banquets and Dim Sum


  • When: Sat 8 Jun 2019 - Sun 16 Jun 2019 
  • Where: Chateh  
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Chateh continues the tradition of one of Hong Kong’s oldest and most popular restaurant chains, Pak Loh Chiu Chow, with a focus on family-friend gatherings and a trendy modern vibe at Mira’s newly-renovated FoodLoft.

Father’s Day menus showcase its traditional home-style Chiu Chow cuisine by Executive Chef Hui Mei Tak, a leading master of the culinary school of southern Guangdong.


Set of Joy priced HK$4,280 for 12 guests or HK$2,180 for 6 guests starts with appetisers of Deep-fried Bombay Duck Fish with Spiced Salt and Chiu Chow Marinated Diced Pork & Bell Pepper.  A platter of Chiu Chow Salted Chicken with Soyed Pork Trotter features two of the restaurant’s most popular signature dishes. 

The feast continues with Seafood Soup Stuffed in Winter Melon, Baked Sea Prawn Coated with Salted Egg Yolk, Steamed Threadfin with Eggplant in Bean Sauce & Ginger, and Roast Baby Pigeon with Caesar Salad.

Completing the Father’s Day special are Stewed Seasonal Vegetables with Conpoy and Stir-fried Longevity Noodle – and three desserts of Longevity Peach Bun Stuffed with Lotus Paste, Braised Papaya & Snow Ear Sweet Soup, and Seasonal Fruit Platter.



Set of Happiness presents a more premium option with 12 courses priced HK$5,680 for 12 or HK$2,880 for 6.  The menu starts with identical appetisers, Deep-fried Bombay Duck Fish with Spiced Salt and Chiu Chow Marinated Diced Pork & Bell Pepper.

Variation on the theme begins with a platter of Soyed Goose Meat with Goose Liver and Kidney, and Premium Seafood Soup with Bamboo Pith. Main courses continue with Baked Sea Prawn with E-fu Noodle, Roast Baby Pigeon with Caesar Salad, Steamed Whole Crab with Pork Patty, and Stewed Chinese Cabbage with Conpoy and Minced Pork.

Completing the feast is Stir-fried Longevity Noodle, with the same three desserts of Longevity Peach Bun with Lotus Paste, Braised Papaya & Snow Ear Sweet Soup, and Seasonal Fruit Platter.

Alternative to the banquets, Chateh’s classic signature dim sum are perfect for celebrating Father’s Day or any other lunch gatherings, highlighting Steamed Whole Abalone ‘Siu Mai’ (HK$118), ‘Funny Roll’ Streamed Rice Roll Stuffed with Crispy Rice Roll (HK$68), Steamed Chicken with Red Date and Huan Diao Wine (HK$58), Deep-fried Tofu Roll Stuffed with Shredded Radish (HK$60), Steamed Red Date & Lotus Seed Pudding (HK$48) and more.

An exquisite Chiu Chow Dim Sum Platter (HK$198) is also ideally styled for just two – featuring two pieces each of eight signature dim sum specialties, served at traditional ‘yum cha’ hours from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 




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