Pirata Unveils New Dishes


  • When: Fri 12 Jul 2019 - Wed 31 Jul 2019 
  • Where: Pirata  
  • Category: Special
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After five impressive years nestled in the Wan Chai area, Pirata has launched a new menu with dishes that celebrate and embrace Hong Kong’s adoration for honest Italian cuisine. The hearty Italian concept has welcomed a series of new dishes curated by Executive Chef Stefano Rossi. 


At Pirata, the team honours traditional classic Italian cuisine with fresh ingredients and simple yet authentic recipes. The new dishes unveiled by the restaurant this summer will be no different, with seasonal ingredients prepared from the heart. 


From the beginning of each meal till the final bite, guests who dine at Pirata will indulge in comforting Italian flavours and warm service from a welcoming team. Perched amidst a breath-taking view of the city’s skyline, the restaurant is the ideal setting for romantic dates, exuberant celebrations among friends and business lunches.


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