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For fans of: Simply Red, Sheryl Crow, Natalie Imbriglia, KT Tunstall

Scottish pop rock heroes Texas, will make their long overdue HK debut with us on September 24 at KITEC Music Zone.  With a slew of smash hits under their belt across their back catalogue, local fans will finally have the chance to see these global favourites live.

Inspired by the Wim Wenders classic , ‘Paris, Texas’ , the band were formed in Glasgow in 1987 by singer Sharleen Spiteri and bassist Johnny McElhone and had a global hit with their debut single, “ I Don’t Want A Lover’ in 1989, from the critically acclaimed record, ‘Southside’.  In 1997, the band released “White on Blonde” which spawned the massive hits “Halo”, “Black Eyed Boy” and “Say What You Want” which they also memorably did a version of with Method Man from the Wu Tang Clan.  In the following year, “The Hush” was released which featured the well renowned tracks “In Our Lifetime”, “Summer Son” and “When We Are Together.” In the decade that followed, the band released four more albums - including the popular 'Sleep' before coming back in 2012 with “The Conversation”.  The lead track of the same name was a massive success around Europe.  

To date, the band have sold more than 40 million albums worldwide in their thirty year career. Texas released their ninth studio album, Jump On Board in April 2017 to widespread critical acclaim and commercial success, the album debuting at number 10 in numerous countries and spawning the international hits ‘Let’s Work It Out’, and ‘ Tell That Girl’. The videos for these starred Thierry Henry and “The Hound” from Game of Thrones. The band recently completed a two year World Tour in 2018 and continue to wow beloved audiences the world over.

Having incredibly never played Hong Kong despite an ardent fanbase here, we are delighted to present the band in all their live glory this September.

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Clockenflap Presents: Texas

Date: 24 Sept, 2019

Venue: Music Zone

Tickets: $490 from


蘇格蘭流行搖滾傳奇Texas,將於924日在九龍灣國際展貿Music Zone舉行樂迷期待已久的香港首次演出。 於全球紅極一時,擁有大量熱門金曲的Texas終極來港,屆時香港樂終於有機會欣賞他們的現場演出。

樂隊1987年由主唱Sharleen Spiteri及低音結他手Johnny McElhone於格拉斯哥成立,團名的由來啟發自 Wim Wenders的經典電影《Paris, Texas》,並在1989年憑藉廣受好評的專輯《Southside》中的首支單曲〈I Don't Want a Lover〉在全球爆紅。

1997年,樂隊發行了經典專輯《White on Blonde》。專輯內收錄了多首大熱單曲包括〈Halo〉、〈Black Eyed Boy〉和〈Say What You Want〉。  Texas 更與hip-hop超級團體Wu-Tang Clan Method Man共同合作了〈Say What You Want〉的特別版本,成為一時熱話。隨後他們,發行了《Hush》,其中收錄了樂迷耳熟能詳的單曲包括〈In Our Lifetime〉、〈Summer Son〉和〈When We Are Together〉。

在接下來的十年裡,樂隊又發行了四張大碟,包括2012年廣受歡迎的《Sleep》及另一超級經典《The Conversation》,同名單曲於歐洲獲得空前成功。

迄今為止,Texas在其30年的職業生涯中已經於全球售出了超過4000多萬張專輯,成績斐然。 20174月,Texas發布了他們的第九張錄音專輯《Jump On Board》,獲得了廣泛的好評和商業成功。該專輯於多國專輯榜均得到好成績,其中的單曲〈Lets Work It Out〉及〈Tell That Girl〉非常受歡迎,叫好叫座。

這些單曲的音樂錄影帶更由著名法國足球名宿亨利及《權力的遊戲》中的「The Hound」主演,話題性十足。Texas2018年完成了為期兩年的世界巡演,精彩的演出讓全世界樂迷驚嘆不已。



Clockenflap Presents: Texas
場地:Music Zone
門票: 港幣490元正
門票現正於 公開發售



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